Are 4* heroes better than 5* as talents grow?

I found back when I had a diverse, maxed set of 4.70 4* I was able to compete in raids and what not with maxed 4.80 5* without too much effort though poor boards certainly made it harder to recover. Now that I can build my bench of faux 5* with 4* and emblems, I am doing just that, as my maxed 4.80 5* and bench of 4.70 emblemed 4* are having no trouble with 4300+ teams now. So the stats at the end are much better but the dynamic between 4 and 5* hasn’t changed much for how I play.

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its inefficient if you had many *5 ( let say 15++ ) , but if you had less then *4 would help as additional *5 wannabe especially in offensive AW as well as raid tournament

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Isn’t it more effective to have multiple talented epics than a few emblem hungry legends?

There are some 4* heroes with unique and valuable talents. My rogue emblems are going to G.Jackal, who uniquely has that valuable holy defense-down trick. Great for killing purple tanks (particularly Kunchen). Wilbur is another example of a unique skill set. There’s a thread I started about similar “super 4*” heroes:

Mostly, though, my emblems are going to my best 5* heroes, e.g. Hel and Athena. Sure, Proteus and Grimm are similar, but the 5* versions are better.


From many things I’ve seen on the forum, four star heroes are nearing being fully emblemed (say, +18 to +20). Five stars are commonly 5 to +8 now.

Four star heroes with almost max talents will often win a raid against a five star team at +5 or so. But that’s more about the dynamics of raids and how the attacker has the edge; it doesn’t make them ‘better.’ Needless to say, that 5 star team would turn around and beat the talented four star team in revenge.

However, that same four star team with emblems probably will not very often win the same raid scenario, where the five stars (with or without emblems) still win. The point I’m making here is that right now we’re in a window of time where four star heroes can compete with five star heroes. Razor has written about this - we don’t know how long it’ll last, but I think everyone expects at some point five stars will be sufficiently emblemed to close it.

What that suggest to me is that embleming some of your key four stars is probably a good decision, especially if you have no five star option in a class. It may not be a viable Diamond strategy long-term, but if you accept that and act accordingly, why not take the best arena loot tier you can for as long as you can?


Most players - including some of us in high diamond who’ve been to #1 overall, don’t have full rosters of all the best 5*s.

I don’t have Zeline, Magni, Kunchen, Kage, Guin, Ariel, or Gravy…

I run Mono offences, so the rolls that those top 10 heroes would play are often assumed by 4stars.

Running in high diamond and fighting 4200 power team in war, 4stars, no matter how good, can get slammed.

SO emblems allow Kirl+14 and Grimm+20 and Jackal+18 and Caedemon+16 to stay alive longer, hit or heal more, help me keep my cups up over 2600, and help me average 5 one-shots per war.

4 reset emblems collected since emblems were introduced mean I have some breathing space to one day move those emblems.

But the key words in that sentence are ‘one day’… because until I have either Magni or Kage, Grimm makes a lot of sense to have those barbarian emblems on. It makes him MUCH more useful to me. And makes my team MUCH more efficient.


I have 9 tonics and zero green 5stars with 2-4 of each other element, playing since last September. Waiting for Atlantis (once again) to get some shots at tarlak :grin: in your situation i would give them to margret or keep them for tarlak or lianna, good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Magni is a fighter :stuck_out_tongue: but yes, other than that I agree with your post.

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Multiple higher talented epics will stay competitive for a long time (presumably more than 2 years), because legends are so emblem hungry, that there won’t be players with multiple talented legends for long. 30 epics @+8 are probably more versatile than a few legends @+8.

Absolutely, for the majority of players, emblems on high-quality epic heroes makes a lot of sense. That’s certainly what i did on my alt.

My only point was that, even when you get to the point of having >30 maxed legendaries, emblems on certain high-tier epics makes sense. Jackal is the rogue I use the most, and I don;t have a rogue on defense.

Magni is a fighter, but he’d slot into my Blue team in Grimm’s spot, and with Grimm not in the slot, he’d not need the emblems, and as such, if I get Magni, it would change my Grimm priority, and I may move the mats to Azlar or another (currently) lower priority 5*

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I’m guessing 14-16 months, tops. I faced a +9 Guin yesterday

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But that’s only one talented Guin.
With those emblems it’ll also be possible to take 3 epics to +9.

Meta says, no def will be unbeatable, so 3 talented epics may probably do more for you than one talented legend, especially if it’s Guin.

Otherwise this def should be one of those unbeatables…

@Vinny00193 I agree with your analysis. I don’t have any 5*:80 heroes at all in my current roster. I am running the marathon and halted my 5* development at 5*: 33 until I have depth in my roster for wars. I have five 4* stacked with emblems to give me heroes on a similar to my top 5* heroes. Magni, Onathel and Domnitia are all waiting to sprint to 80 when the time is right. I have five green 5* stars waiting for that final ascention but don’t have the materials to do so. In red I have GM ready to ascend as well as Kaghan. So while I am waiting for materials to ascend my 4* are doing good work. They are Chao, Malendor, Boldtusk, Grimm and Boril. Together I have good depth for wars and I raid just below diamond. Once all my 5* heroes are ready to have a full rai bow alpha team I will move to raid in diamond. I have enough reset tokens to move emblems to my 5* when the time is ready. So yes, patience is a virtue if you don’t spend money on the game. The nice thing about the game is you are challenged and have opportunities irrespective of the level where you decide to hang around. Ultimately you will get to a higher level.

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Me I sit around the 2200/2000 mark for cups I get alot of revenge wins you gotta do what you gotta do :joy::joy:

Wish I was in your place my only 5* that I have AM for is Evelyn (3:58) unfortunately hit the feeder wall. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:
Meaning I could feed her everything but I am still around the 6 month mark and have others to level. Maybe when my Caedmon (4:54) is maxed I will give her the green feeders. My other 5*'s are Inari (2:48) from a single pull, Margaret (1:1), & Elena (1:50) from my TC20.
The demands now are so great now. Farms & mines are all at 20 but that seems not to be enough with leveling characters, troops, & now emblems. Decisions Decisions but I’m grinding away TC20, TC17, & 2 TC11
This is why I say learning to have patience is a must for me at this point.
You have 5* like GM, Magni, Onathel, & Domnitia.
Must be nice. 1 day hopefully the RNG will smile on me with great gifts of awesome 5*'s :joy::joy::joy:.
But until then gotta work with what I got

@Vinny00193, the game does require patience. You seem to have a good strategy. Don’t underestimate Margaret, I just had some fun with her in a war against a stronger team and she is only 2:3 now.

what’s on my plate for green projects order subject to change of course

@Vinny00193 you have great potential in your green line out. Good luck with your game.

It’s about the percentages, not about an absolute cutoff. Eventually the win rate of 4+20 teams will slide against 5+X teams, as X gets high enough. But you’ll still win your fair share of fights if you know what you’re doing, I believe.

If you compete in war, stretching your roster to 30 strong heroes is important. Emblems let you add up to 10 faux 5* to your stable, and that is almost certainly going to be the correct decision going forward for people without a lot of maxed 5*. Even as heroes get to 5+20. Only being 10 heroes deep in war just doesn’t work no matter what.

So, Proteus 4+20 and Hel 5+0 is undoubtedly better than Hel 5+8 and Proteus 4+0 if that’s what you have. But it is worse than Hel 5+8 and Hel 5+0.

That’s how I’ve chosen to spend my emblems. I’ll reset eventually but getting several months of utility out of those 4+X is better than sitting on emblems and fighting with a bunch of 4+0 for several months.


Emblems on 4* helps a lot. I don’t have 5* healers and counter attackers in my roster at the moment. So my 4* healers have to be brought in often during raids even if it means a lower overall team power. I think the bottom line is to look where your weaknesses and strengths are and assign your emblems accordingly.

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