Are 4* heroes better than 5* as talents grow?

Since the 4* talents are gained so much faster than 5*, isn’t there a point where 4* heroes will simply be better?

This topic has actually come up several times and it seems the general consensus is that 4*'s with max emblems compete with 5*'s with no emblems. But they are capped at that point. 5*'s with emblems are still able to grow. So there is a balance where if you have a lot of good 4*'s and few to no 5*'s it can be worth dropping emblems into them. But eventually they won’t keep up with those who emblem 5*'s

Fully emblemed epics have the stats of average legends plus their talents. Epics will never be better, but they will complete your roster, if you don’t have 30 maxed legends.

Legends with emblems will be the future and there are already some @+10…

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You are right about Epics not being better, but do you think that people will continue to have PATIENCE and lose fights while waiting on emblems for 5*'s.

not better but close enough to be *5 wannabe



No, since most of the players need epics anyway to complete their stacks or just for being competitive, too.

Try to spread your emblems all over your roster to your better heroes and give further emblems to your stars.

Emblems will come slowly and you’re well advised to stay competitive with your whole roster holding many talented heroes.


I have trouble with that. I’ve been dumping every emblem possible onto my defense team

Then give some further emblems to some chosen epics.

Guessing your def won’t win all incoming attacks, you’ll probably want to win your outgoing attacks and you probably use epics there, too.


personally i emblem my epic not for Defense but for Offense , it helped me alot in AW especially attacking 4k++ opponent due on limited *5 i had


I just did a revenge fight against a team that was level 4188 Kunchen +4, Misuko +3, Aegir +4, Evelyn +4, Joon +5 & I was level 3585 Rigard +7, Boldtusk +10, Cyprian, Proteus +9, Scarlett +4.
Now if I can keep beating teams like this, I was asking would the vets with emblem 5* teams continue to have PATIENCE while waiting on emblems to match my team or would they give up on trying to get that many emblems for their 5* team

I try to put emblems on the Epics I use the most offense or defense

No defense wins all incoming attacks :wink: yeah, I need to start working on epics.

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Impressive. I’m capped at +6.

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Legends with emblems will be the future and there are already some @+10…

Impressive. I’m capped at +6.

I would like to see a screen shot of this mythical +10.
It is not true.
The highest at the moment is likely to be +8.

I believe I’ve seen a +9. I don’t doubt there’s a +10.

It costs 300 emblems to get from level 7 to level 10.
Please provide a screen shot if you can.
It is very unlikely there are any above level 8 at the moment.

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There are some at lvl 9 already

Emblems gives 4* a longer life time to be of value. As you develop 5* and increase the depth of your team of heroes hey will become less relevant to your alpha team. 4* with emblams are a good interim while you are waiting for 5* ascention materials.

That’s my point the amount of emblems to good from level 7 to 10 on a 5* from what you say is 300. How many players here have the PATIENCE to play and wait that long. What’s the estimated time to get 300 emblems for 1 class? So if the highest 5* with emblems is 9 there are 4* emblemed characters at 19.
In my post early my highest emblemed character is +10 and I’ve only been playing 6 months so I couldn’t finish the 3rd tier on all the trials.
I agree emblems do give 4* longer life I’m just wondering if it will make 5* less appealing in time.
Something for me and everyone to think about & or watch unfold.:thinking::thinking::thinking:

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+10 was just a guess, but I’ve seen several +7 and +8.