Are 3 stars worth keeping?

If you don’t use them in wars and don’t bother with the rare difficulty of events because no rewards?

Should I just feed them to a 5 star? I have like 12 to 15 of them…

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The best reasons to keep 3* heros are to use in the Rare part of special events and as a last resort for your last few teams in Alliance Wars. If you don’t need them for one of these reasons than you can probably feed them to level up your 4 or 5* heros.


Well of course it’s always your decision; they’re your heroes. If you’re not sure, ask yourself:

Will I (a) never play war—or I have 30 4/5* heroes—and (b) will I never play Beginner Event, and c) will I never change my mind about (a) and (b)…?

Also, am I assuming E&P has no plans to introduce new features in the future that use 3*…?

If you’re sure, munch munch! :slight_smile:


What about 3* that refuse to level their specials? Should we feed them to the lions for being uncooperative and hope that it sends a message to the others?

Brienne and Belith, I’m looking at you. You gals are setting back the green team. Hisan wants your spot.


It really is your decision. I’ve kept a couple of each colour so I can still use them for events and they help in alliance wars but they aren’t used that often. Storage space is only a few gems so it’s easier to keep them than to get them again if you do decide to feed.

The only 3 stars I keep are self healing hero’s, that are not used in war, which for me is one red 3 star the rest are 4 or 5 stars

Yes for challenge event! If not to compete for top places to finish.

Personally I keep one of each 3* heroes. I had a chance to level them in the beginning, cause I’m almost f2p (spent less than 1€ per month in more than 1 year of gaming) and I spent really a lot of time without 4-5* heroes or materials to train them.
The reasons why I keep them are mostly 2:
1- I like to grow my collection of heroes, might even think of keeping and levelling 1-2* too when my roster will have more room;
2- I think that with the events and alliance wars the devs are saying one clear thing: keep your heroes cause you never know when you might need them.
The second one is just a speculation, but actually if you posted this question before events and alliance wars no one would have suggested to keep 3* heroes; a couple of updates later things are very different and you don’t know how things may change in the future.
A counter argument (which is pretty fair to me) is that it takes no much effort, time or resources to grow some 3* heroes if you’ll ever need them in the future, so I think it’s up to you in the end what to do now with them

I had a Gunnar maxed at 3/8. I collected several other Gunnar, managed to get one of them to 6/8 (soon to be 8/8), and my original is going to be foooood. :grin:

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I say no, but I have kept some myself. Had no hero to feed and excess ham. I use them to get a summons token, and time to time in AW. The odd time you see a lone healer, you pull out your 3s and save your better heroes.

I’d keep them until I had 40-60 4* and 5* heroes leveled up to be stronger than any maxed 3* hero for AW–If different wars have you to wanting double up on all five colors, you need 5x12 = 60 heroes; Probably worth saving them 'till you have a dozen better heroes in that color at least. (If you want to triple up that is 5x18=90, but I’m pretty sure that is truly excessive!)

@LucasDaoc, the biggest problem with feeding any leveled up/ascended heroes is that you burn most of the resources you put into it. All the ascension items are gone. (don’t care with 3*s). The feeder hero XP and food to feed them is 90% lost, with a small bit of XP going to the hero you are feeding.

However if you are sure you will never use them, don’t get caught in the sunk cost fallacy–Better to waste 90% of what you put into them than waste 100% with a hero you never will use again for anything, taking up a slot in your roster that would be better used to store a 1* feeder.

There is one other reason to keep them–SG does make changes and additions to the game over time, and they might make the loot for rare event challenges worthwhile someday, or create some other environment where you can only use 3* heroes.

You can keep feeding them to work on the special. My strategy is to feed them all copies of themselves I get. I FINALLY got Bane up to 8/8 that way; It takes quite a while, but sooner or later…and maxing those specials isn’t important enough for me to give them 1* / 2* feeders over the 4* and 5* heroes I’m working on right now. (Especially you, Gunnar; I’m really not sure what I want with you anymore!)

Feeding one maxed with special at 3/8 is better/faster than feeding a new one…unless you want two copies of them.

FYI, if you are saving them for Rare challenges, you probably want Brienne, Belith, AND Hisan, and possibly another green for Knights. (Some people use Brienne in all the challenges, and Belith gets used unless Hawkmoon’s color is stronger)