Are 3*s more relevant now than ever?

Oh, sure, I’m a collector; I have at least one of every hero I’ve ever gotten. Now I don’t have 5 leveled Namahage’s like some people…

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This need to be band:

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I can’t join that exclusive club; I only have 4 Grimm’s (3 maxed) and 4 Jackals (2 maxed). Alas.

Kept only dubes of Rigard, Evelyn and Mother North. (see bottom)

Due to feeding 4 and 5 , I have no more 3.
But I’m @ TC12 and will set up a 3* rainbow as well now.

With intro of classes/talents, are there any plans by the Devs to revamps the A.I. controlled heroes of the challenge / seasonal events to include the talents? If they stayed the same, I’d suspect more or less of the same players are going to be coming out on top for the challenge events, but overall master score may see some jumps due to participating heroes having higher stats.

I’m just a player like you, so I don’t know what the devs are thinking. We did see that the winter seasonal heroes in beta were Talented; Rudolph resurrected himself, e.g.

My hope is that we won’t see an increase in the stats of the bosses. The heroes used in events are typical not the everyday heroes most likely to get emblems (first).

I APPRECIATE you saying that this was a valid point… You are thinking the same thing that I was. Not the class emblems being used on 3s, but 3 aka rare for newbies, raid challenges. Thanks for understanding and giving your input. As the OP I appreciate the praise. Maybe this could be discussed further, once the raid challenges hit beta…

So, are you asking for more ideas to add to a short post? Aside from the generic "20 characters "?

I’m glad I could get a healthy discussion going about this!

They are not leveled, but I bring the noise!

I have just been waiting on a name…

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The Namahage 5 taken? Lol

I wouldn’t stop any of them for a 3*, but I slotted in the Atlantis and some of the seasonal 3* heroes after finishing the heroes I was working on when I didn’t have a ‘top’ priority hero in their colors lined up to go next.
Given my current roster in waiting, I fear Carver, Karil, Prisca, Renfield and Vlad will be sitting at the back of the queue for a while yet though. Maybe Vlad and Karil will be sooner depending on my bad luck or lack of the same in draws and TCs.

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The OP is situational IMO SG has to seem to cater to all even new players in the end are 3*s more relevant? It depends on who you ask

It is easier to level a 3* and then use the new emblems to make newer players seem like they can compete and get pass some of the content and beat some vets in the game in raids

PATIENCE is the key! Alot of people don’t have it but some do. So the vets from what I have been reading on the forum are waiting to use their emblems on 5s & maybe a few worth while 4s while new players are using them on 3s because they lack the materials needed to max level the 4s or 5*s they may have

So to new players yes they are very relevant

I guess the post question was answered afterall, and I’m glad that I was curious enuf about it to actually make some good 3* teams ahead of the RT release

ApollosEmpire, there already are, and have been for as long as I have played the game. They alternate with bloody battles and the other one. So every third or fourth week you can use your 3 star heroes. As usually one colour is not allowed, it makes sense to have 2 maxed heroes of each colour. Wouldn’t emblem them though.

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Yes, this is why I posted this thread (op) in January of 2019. Over a year ago, well before raid Tournaments started. I was bringing the fact that 3*s were going to become more relevant than ever before with the addition of raid Tournaments to people’s attention.
The question in the thread title was more rhetoric than anything else as I already knew the answer. That answer being a resounding yes!!! Appreciate your input.


That’s before I started playing. Lol. Thanks for replying!

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Some say the odds of getting a 5* are so low, you should look at the 4* heroes to decide whether the portal is for you. Some are so exhausted with not getting 4* heroes, they say a portal is good if it has nice 3* heroes. This game!

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