Are 1* Heroes Viable in AW Defense?- Guardian Owl Trap Team?

Despite the title, this is not referring to the losing strategy of putting out all 1* defense teams. That has already been argued enough to publish a best-selling self-help book. Rather, my question is this: can intentionally-weak heroes be useful to form an AW defense team that is actually intended to defend successfully?

For example, consider the following setup:

Sabina - Sharan - Guardian Owl - Sharan - Rigard

Obviously, the two Sharans will be defeated very quickly, leaving the remaining 3 heroes to defend. There’s a few subtle effects that this setup has, though:

  1. It immediately reduces the time between arrow attacks, which can be particularly helpful at the beginning of a fight when the attacking team likely hasn’t charged their specials yet.
  2. Due to the placement of the Sharans, the arrow benefit comes without allowing space for the attacker to ghost mana.
  3. It increases Guardian Owl’s special damage by 120%, which will likely get a chance to fire since he’s tanking. This could be nullified if the attacker doubles or triples on purple, except…
  4. If Guardian Owl is defeated, the remaining members form two purple corner healers that dispel buffs/debuffs and would be more annoying to take out if the attacker brings multiple purple.

Do you think a defense like this could be viable in an actual war?

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Interesting. I’m not an expert alliance wars type, but with my bench if I didn’t have a better, ie more point value, target, I’d probably double on yellow with a Jackal/Joon combo, and try to take the Owl first with specials, while hopefully avoiding the weaklings as much as possible.
I’d probably look for a better target first though, one which gives more points for less headache.

Using this strategy will still make your Alliances heros worth more points each. Whenever you lower your Alliances hit points it means more point per hit point for the opposing alliance. While I can see your idea I still think hit helps the other Alliance more than it helps you.

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Would that team be more difficult to defeat than, say

Sabina - Athena - Guardian Owl - Zeline - Rigard

(or just put your favorite heroes instead of Sharan)

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I guess it depends on whether it’s worth trading the regular damage/specials that Athena/Zeline would provide in exchange for a few extra volleys of arrows and stronger Owl. A decent compromise might be filling those two slots with glass cannons like Magni or Jackal. Anything tankier and it seems like it would be more worthwhile to field a more traditional defense instead.

I dunno, I’m more just thinking out loud trying to turn new game mechanics into outside-the-box tactics than doing any legitimate strategizing. :smile:

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I think the idea is interesting, but on more scrutiny it won’t work better than having 5 good heroes. Not that I’m some expert on defenses.

I agree.

The more you OTHER defense teams are worth, the more points a smart enemy can rack up, even with revive timer.

“Never assume your enemy is stupid, but take advantage whenever they act stupid”

Trap teams only work with inexperienced enemies.

we just destroyed an alliance using a similar strategy 4K+ to 1.8k with six teammates scoring 400+ points.

Not good.
Attackers can both take advantage of the holes that this defence offers, and target with specials the only “dangerous” hero, in this case Owl (that is very slow mana).

If you want to put some heroes that dies easily (and i still don’t think is a good idea) at least put some glass cannons like Grimm, Jackal, LittleJohn or Colen.

Once upon a time, long ago, in a land far far away, there was a Guardian Owl who fired his special… the end.

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