Arctic Panda needs you! 1800+ cups , hitting 9/10/11*-titans

What is Arctic Panda?
Arctic Panda is a friendly and easy going alliance that’s been around for almost 3 years.

  • We easily kill 9*, 10* most and when full even 11* titans.
  • We organize for war but understand that you hit when life permits and do your best according to circumstances.
  • We have several very strong players (2500+ cups) who can give solid advice on team selection, ascension etc. and lead the team into war and vs. titans
  • Some of us are active on Line - but that’s not a requirement.

What do we need?
We need several new players after some long standing members gave up on E&P. We need you to:

  • Have 1800+ cups
  • Use all flags for war
  • Hit titans when and if you can - but no sweat.
  • Participate and have fun with the team

Join us by searching for Arctic Panda or just ask a question here if you have any.


We have gained two members last weekend but still need another two!

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