Arco + Pengi ... synergy against Elizabeth/Hulda

Seems like those I have spoken to are not liking Arco. To me, if fiends are around, he is replacing them with a 30% meat shield and then adding a second 30% meat shield. This is at average speed. That seems better to me than Hulda’s one 31% meat shield at slow.

Add in Mr. Pengi and well …lots of minions for lots of power. I am liking Arco + Pengi.

Some interesting fights with Arco only at 3/70. I have him at 4 emblem nodes now.

VIDEO: Arco @3/70 Test-Drive!!! THE MEAT SHIELD MAKER!!!—Empires and Puzzles Books - YouTube


Hulda is normal speed :grin:

I just ran this team in a raid for fun against a team with Elizabeth, xylophone, skadi, frigg and odin, absolutely crushed them.

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Pls stop posting good things about Arco… he is going to get nerfed by SG. :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, my bad case of being human slipped in again. haha. I have Lu Bu and Hulda both waiting and I think I confused their mana speeds.

Awesome team!

Untyl yesterday, I would have pointed out that SG more likely buffs heroes than nerfs them as nerfs were fairly uncommon…then there was the blood bath yesterday sigh


Incredible as usual! Very interesting combination