🦸‍♂️ Arco - 5* Nature / Green from Sanctuary of Gargoyles

Arco is my new best friend. I’m taking this Pudding shaped gargoyle with me wherever I go.
only have him at 4:52 so far. But he will be getting all the Mats.


Love this guy…


Even I would do so, he is a top 3 healer imho.

I use him on my green mono team with mama north, lady of the lake, evelyn and frigg, - that team never loses ( he is also on war defense)

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What position you use him on war defense and where and in which formats

Morel - horus(or penolite) - xnolphod - arco - khufu
We use purple tanks, i see many 0 attacks against my defense


Thanks. I have buyers remorse with soul exchange, should have got Morel instead of Director Zuri.

Lol, my alliance mates are saying the complete opposite :smiley:


You absolutely cannot go wrong with Director Zuri. I am so happy that I went with her. She synergises pretty well with Arco too.


Do not regret, although you’ll see more Morel on top defense teams than Zuri, she’s one of the best healers in the game and the top selection in the exchange IMO :slight_smile:

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Thanks all sorry to go a bit off topic :hugs:

Zuri is just a different role. I think she’s way better at what she does than Morel. I have both and if I had to dump one it would be Morel.

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I use Zuri WAY more than Morel. I suppose it depends on roster depth but with all the purple tanks EVERYWHERE Zuri has a more important role


Probably all getting nerfed.

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I’m currently debating between Arco and Quenell for m y next ascension. Both would find great use in my teams. What would you guys prioritise?

I don’t have Quenell (got el Naddaya) but have Arco. He is phenomenal in all areas of the game and very clutch in many situations.


I definitely think Arco is a top healer, but going back to the Toxicandra comparison, I’d still take Toxi over him. Just roster dependent, I don’t have a lot of mana boosters, but plenty of overheal healers. To me, mana boosters are fewer and far between. Anyway, just my two cents.


Why are you guys arguing with :rock:???
He is aiming for jackpot win regardless your counterPOV.
Move on!!! Lol

There’s no point of giving your point of view if the other can’t even listen to it (maybe the word ‘can’t’ is not suitable more like ‘doesn’t even want’)

Cause for me an Average Hero with beefy minions and boost HP is rare (+ That Stone Skin!!!)

He can saves me when I don’t have 7 different color tiles (usually bring Off color healer)
Cause he will make other beefier for awhile until I find 7 tiles for my 3 Snipers.
And also i don’t have to wait like other healers (cause they only heal, so usually need wait for enemy special skill first and if you are unlucky boom 2 Enemy Snipers skills kill my healer and die before even able to heal) cause it’s HP Boost + Minions.

Most healer who’s not Boosting HP, you have to time it or else it goes waste.
But you can just time Arco, when his Mana is full.

That’s my point of view.


I think having both of those green healers is a very nice problem to have :blush:

Would you fine folks use this bad boy in your minion war defense?
-What slot?
-What’s the rest of your defense look like?

Thanks! Grab a beer! :beers: