🦸‍♂️ Arco - 5* Nature / Green from Sanctuary of Gargoyles

Actually online trolling has a philoshophical aspect. Arco should be fast speed.

Against my better judgment I am going to bite.

Why should arco be fast speed?

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To be faster on defense than Bera gets to charge and nulify his healing as well as minions

// i am not advocating for his change to fast, just thinking about his perspective :slight_smile:

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On a serious note, I never realized how useful Arco is in bloody battle. Beefy minion shield and gargoyle skin means that he can win the war of attrition, even without the healing. I’ve had him as last hero standing and winning just by repeatedly firing when his gargoyle skin runs out and just kill the opponent with tiles.


Nah, Arco needs to be VF !! He’s a terrible fiend remover, minion giver & healer !!! He REALLY needs a buff !!! :wink::
Whatever !!!
Seriously tho, he’s fine as is !! Other heroes need tweaking waaay more than he does !

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