ARCHIVED - 1* / 2* Tournament teams before 136 votes removed them from Empires

Beta tested all the way down to 1* but testers generally revolted against it - and I don’t think it was seen again. It will be VERY interesting to see what SG does here.

@Gryphonknight Ok what do you mean by safe? If you mean you get 100% if emblems back I will have to disagree . You say 3* 1-14 is safe but at node 2 you lose 1 emblem

Can it be 1* heroes with 4* troops?


I have reformatted the post for clarity.


Rumors from Beta said

Hero Troop
5* 4*
4* 3*
3* 2*
2* 1*
1* 1*

But really, the Devs can do whatever they want. I think 1* heroes with 3* troops would be a hoot.

So, after reading your post a few days ago I started leveling 2* heroes. It’s taking me down a trip in memory lane to when I first started the game. Only difference is how quickly I can level a 2* now. It’s almost comical. I remember starting the game I thought I would never get one maxed. Now with 4 TCs it takes a couple of days.


Is that your offense team? What about the defense?


Rumors in Beta say 1* / 2* Tourneys are a lot of fun and the ULTIMATE F2P contest.

But the damage calculation gets really hinky at 1* / 2* level and their special skills are horribly unbalanced.

I doubt the Devs spent more than 8 hours designing 1* / 2* heroes.


An attacking team anchor is a hero that can survive so a player keeps doing matching/ tile / board damage in raids even if rest of team is dead.

Tourney rules

No healing has little impact since 1* / 2* healers are usually used as attacking team anchors - see above.

Very fast mana speed is not as helpful with only fast and average speeds.

Buffs gaining a bonus attack buff are less useful given average mana speed and how RNG heavy raiding is at 1* / 2* level.

The best defense is a good offense

Until we know more about how frequent 1* / 2* Tourneys are and what rules they will follow, it really is not possible to plan defense teams.

Just based on 1* troops, the 1* / 2* special skills, and talent grids, I expect defense to be whatever you are using for offense. I doubt this will change even after we understand Tourneys better.

If true, 1* / 2* Tourneys will more resemble a week long raffle than a 3 day, Challenge event.


I will be Color stacking ( double strong color versus Center hero ) using my 1* heroes for grave damage ( click link ).

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Elo’s math or Leaven bread recipes

There are several ways Devs could use Elo’s math for the Tourneys.

Elo’s basic math is sound. Like a recipe for plain bagels. Elo’s basic math has been adapted to many different situations from Chess tourneys to MMOs. Like many recipes for bagels are adjusted to the individual flavors from blueberry to Asiago cheese. Just like leaven bread needs to rise, Tourneys ( and alliance war ) need qualifying rounds to establish initial seeding.

Instead the Devs are continuing to reinvent the wheel. Like taking a recipe for spaghetti noodles and trying to adapt it to bagels. Without the time to rise ( qualifying rounds ) you just get deflated bagels.

1*+19 and 2*+7 heroes

Rumors from Beta say that tourneys were a lot of fun. But the Devs instance on trying to adapt a spaghetti noodle recipe ( no qualifying rounds ) to making bagels means I am personally boycotting all but 4* Hero Tourneys.

Because of the Boycott I will be removing all emblems from my 1*+19 and 2*+7 heroes. I will keep the fully leveled heroes because roster space is cheaper than leveling X* 1.1 heroes again. And I can afford the roster space.

Click for details about 3* / 4* / 5* heroes

3*+15 heroes

After I have a good group of 4*+15 heroes ( most heroes gain little from X*+16 to X*+20 ), I will start using emblems on 3*+1 to raise them to 3*+15 for Challenge events, class quests ( looking at you Mneusses ) and general fun. The lack of two 5* healers is still stalling my rainbow 5* 2.60 team while I have five 4*+9 healers and I am bringing Vivica to 5* 3.70 to act as a yellow 650 power hero for Pirates ( reflect purple ).

5* Heroes

If your alliance has 50%, or more, members lacking four rainbow 4* 3.60 teams, 5* heroes are not as important. The rumored Hunter’s Lodge ( helps with rare titans from 5*, and up ) will further decrease the need for 5* heroes among these alliances.

Can not recommend

Due to all of the above, I can not recommend leveling 1* / 2* heroes. And I strongly encourage removing all emblems from 1* / 2* heroes.

Keep a rainbow team

If you have any, I do recommend keeping one rainbow 1* team and one rainbow 2* team, in case 1* / 2* Tourneys get fixed. But if you can not afford the roster space ( some of my friends are in this situation ), 3* / 4* heroes are better to concentrate because they are the most versitile heroes in Empires at this time.



Tournaments with common and uncommon heroes would be absolutely ridiculous…

I probably would not participate in 1* or 2* tournaments to begin with.

qualifying rounds sound nice, but how would they work Grypho in your opinion?

I come from playing Fighting games where the qualifying rounds are usually pools. Something like that? forgive me as I don’t have experience with the other two (chess tournaments & MMOs)

([Stub] Tourney Qualifier days, bonus Tourney attacks and alliance based entrance fee)

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Do not worry about off topic replies on this topic. So much hate will flow Palpatine will open a pub


A lot of this info comes from the awesome think tank of the forums.

Some info from a very good friend, and other Beta testers, flexible enough to test it in the very very narrow Beta runs ( that is another topic all together).


Attack, defense and HP nodes will have a huge impact on base stats since normal nodes have a fixed increase.

Emblems will have the most impact on 2* Tourneys since 2*+7 is the highest where all emblems can be recovered. And 2* tourney has the most classes.

Heroes that are 1*+18 can spend gems to recover all emblems but many classes are missing from the 1* hero roster and 1* Tourneys are most effected by RNG ( for a variety of normal, and weird, reasons).

Center X*+18

Center X*+18 will be the most cost effective use of emblems, but balanced by the general weirdness of 1* / 2* tourneys.

Attack and HP

Attack, and HP, will be very impactful.

Attack stat soft cap

With the ( effective ) lack of an attack stat soft cap, RNG will be the main factor.


Weirdly the ( effective ) lack of an attack stat soft cap will reduce the effectiveness of color stacking since NEUTRAL color will have a severely reduced impact. Players that complain about color stacking ( Empires’ hidden buff ) will be unhappy to learn there are huge downsides to rainbow teams in tourneys with the defeat rule.

Rainbow teams will be much more effective in 1* / 2* tourneys compared to 4* / 5* tourneys.

Double Strong

Double strong versus the center will also be useful but can be more easily nullified by RNG than 3* / 4* tourneys because of Healers’ super low effectiveness especially in Rush Attack.

Weak color

The increased impact of weak color will be balanced by the limited impact of special skills ( except during Rush Attack ).

Special skill will be less important than normal attack/ tile / matching/ physical damage.

Defense buff

Being so low on the attack stat curve makes enemy defense buffs less impactful. This will be balanced by the lack of defense debuffs.


Charging, and effective use, of healing will be almost impossible because of one color, weak healing.

1* Sharan’s weak stats compared to a 2* hero will make Sharan a poor choice for 2* tourneys.

Players will still use healers, but the influence of RNG will make healing the most frustrating special skill to use in a tourney.

Rush Attack

During Rush Attack, “enemy attack all” special skills will have a small advantage.

Center X*+18 “enemy attack all” will be an effective use of emblems.

Fighter class will further add to RNG rage quits.

Kenjiro 1*+18, Brand 1*+18, and Ragnhild 2*+18, will be common.

Bloody Battle

Healing has severely reduced effectiveness in 1* / 2* tourneys. Healers are more helpful for their sturdy HP but this is negated by RNG being hugely influential.

Bloody Battle is almost identical to “No Rule” for 1* / 2* Tourneys.

( teasing) You could say ALL 1* / 2* Tourneys are Bloody Battles ( end teasing).

Buff Booster

Without strong healing, minions, elemental links, and Wilbur, tourney rule Buff Booster will have the least impact on teams, though Bloody Battle is close.


Evade is incredibly powerful with the lack of good healers. But Evade is hugely RNG based making 1* / 2* tourneys the weirdest tourneys available.

Leveling Defense

Do not level your defense team after the tourney starts.

The exception is your defense team center.

The Devs have not released how matchmaking works for defense so leveling may result in very weird matchmaking effects.


While rumors say Beta tested 1* / 2* tourneys for bugs, the number of testers that fielded 1* 1.1 and 2* 1.1 heroes was huge.

The Devs literally have the least data on 1* / 2* tourneys.


Data mining



Thanks so much for your analysis, Gryphonknight. I know you crunched the numbers regarding these types of tourneys back in the day, and I was looking for your data and opinion.

I’m already committed to doing this, but it’s good to see some things and learn others. I figured Sharan would be pretty useless due to the stats, and she is, so that’s good to know. I’m also glad to hear that color stacking is pretty weak in these tourneys due to RNG being a much bigger factor.

The emblem break points are pretty interesting to see also. I doubt I’d “waste” emblems on these heroes, but knowing there’s basically no penalty (beyond gems) to a certain point is valuable information.

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This is great, I had 700 1* feeders waiting for food so it’s not bad timing.

How do you do the drop down pointer?


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Rainbow 1* team

Double strong color stacking

If you only want 5x 1*+19 heroes for 1* tourneys, you can use them for double strong color stacking in 2* tourneys.

Hopefully 1* / 2* Tourneys always allow rainbow teams.

A 1* Tourney with red eliminated would be the weirdest tourney possible.

Rainbow 1* defense team

Sharan, Sigrunn, Kenjiro, Fletcher, Aife
is a good rainbow 1*+19 defense.

Leaning heavily towards this option based on rarity of 1* tourneys, filling chests and tourney loot drops.

1* Tourneys are just going to be weird. Fun, but weird.

Rainbow 1* sniper team

Fletcher, Hikaru, Sigrunn, Aife, Tudan
is a rainbow 1*+19 defense made out of a good rainbow 1*+19 sniper team.

1* Tourneys are just going to be weird. Fun, but weird.

2x rainbow 1* team

Kenjiro & Hikaru will replace 2x Hikaru in my new 2x rainbow 1* teams plan.

That is a significant amount of Fighter and Rogue emblems. Even if you reset, a significant amount of iron and food.

Not sure if worth 2x rainbow 1* teams based on rarity of 1* tourneys, filling chests and tourney loot drops.

1* Tourneys are just going to be weird. Fun, but weird.

Poor GUI

Probably stick with Sharan, Sigrunn, Kenjiro, Fletcher, Aife rainbow 1* team ( 5 hero slots total) since hero roster has poor filters/ sort/ GUI not designed for challenge events, war, tourneys, etc.

I think the biggest reason not to have 1* / 2* heroes in your roster or 1* / 2* tourneys is how poor the GUI is for the game after 2 years.

Costumes and Hero Academy are only going to make the GUI situation worse.

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