ARCHIVE- How my wife broke Empires- not her first time breaking a game- or Purple and Yellow are weird when attacking, especially in raids

ARCHIVE- How my wife broke Empires- not her first time breaking a game- or Purple and Yellow are weird when attacking, especially in raids

Except for tiles, and minions, all attacks are colorless

Because of 5* heroes with emblems and the attack stat soft cap, this team is no longer viable. See Elo rating deflation.

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Reflect Damage ability

A lot of players think reflect damage is a defense buff.

Obakan & Cyprian are not defense heroes but attack heroes and I will explain how.

The stronger their opponents- raid, quest bosses, titans- the harder the enemy hits them and the higher their reflect damage.

Since defense stat is non- linear, an ally +10% defense buff is better than an enemy-10% attack debuff. This also means doubling defense has a higher impact than doubling attack. But for a reflect damage hero, lowering its defense stat ( many enemies do this, very common on Season 1 map) results in a substantial increase in incoming AND reflected damage.

4* versus 5*

A 4* 4.70’s lower defense stat versus a 5* 4.80 is usually a disadvantage but with reflect damage it becomes an advantage.

4* Hansel’s Special skill defense buff

Hansel does not have reflect damage ( Cyprian covers Rigard and Tiburtus) but his fast mana speed and huge special skill defense buff is a very nice substitute.

Rigard - boring but effective

Rigard is average mana speed ( fastest for a “Heal all allies” until rumored blue 5* Ariel ), immediate 42% heal is strongest in the game ( will scale with increased HP from classes - as will minions- unlike Heal Over Time ), cleanses all allies of any DOT or mana reduction debuffs.

Tiburtus - Improved Ramming Pulverizer

Ramming Pulverizer is one of the most powerful special skills in the game ( see defense debuff above ) and lasts an insanely long 6 turns.

Tiburtus is the only Ramming Pulverizer hero with Pierce - from his Ranger class- giving him an improved Ramming Pulverizer ( see Notes).

Purple and Yellow are weird

Yellow enemies

Obakan & Cyprian’s physical attacks do double damage against yellow and they take more damage from yellow so their reflect damage does more damage to yellow while bypassing the yellow enemy’s defense stat ( Guinevere’s high defense, low attack does not help her against these two heroes).

Since Cyprian’s reflect damage covers Rigard and Tiburtus, both purple, this effect is magnified.

5* yellows do not have reflect damage.

Accuracy debuff- friend and foe

As far as I know, reflect damage is immune to accuracy debuff ( both enemy like Solar beam AND ally like Gambler’s Stance) which is 5* yellows most fearsome ability and very common on yellow bosses and titans.

Fast mana speed mana control

Hansel’s mana control takes care of purple enemy Rigard, or Kunchen, as long as Rigard’s mana shield does not proc.


Reflect damage

Fast mana speed special defense buff & mana control


Ramming Pulverizer


Splash damage - my favorite


5* heroes

Her raid/ war defense team is all 5* Heroes. Many of her titan teams are mono color, 4-1 or 3-1-1 with a mix of 4* and 5* heroes. But in a pinch, she can always pull out her Cyprian team and do substantial damage.


The cherry on top of this sundae, Obakan was the first hero Gryphonkit summoned from her Legendary training ( and my favorite Classic purple 5* hero. Which I still do not have).




What because she reached Global top 100 she broke the game?! :thinking::thinking:


I am still trying to figure out why this works so insanely well, but it is looking more an more like color stacking is the secret sauce ( the second most important reason this particular team seems to “drive its enemies before it and hear the lamentation of their women” ).

Having synergistic ( works very well together ) special skills is still the main ingredient.

Cleric Rigard and Ranger Tiburtus will increase its effectiveness. Barbarian Obakan and Paladin Cyprian not as much ( but spec both for attack stat would help ). While Cleric Hansel is handicapped by needing the same emblems as Cleric Rigard.

But having 4 of the same color heroes seems to dramatically increase matching/ board/ physical damage.

Note: current research seems to show a soft cap on color stacking. It will be interesting to see if the soft cap activates at 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x 5* Heroes.

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You lost me here. Guin doesnt care about reflect, she does no damage.

Don’t forget Buddy is also a ranger with a more dynamic version of ramming pulverizer.

Wilbur goes one better than both Buddy and the trio Ramming Pulverizers, wait until you play around with him.

My power team is a 2 - 2 -1 stack of Wu Kong, Kiril, Ares, Grimm, Zimkitha. This tile damage team is able to wipe out anyone rather easily. Kiril’s dragon banner combined with Grimm’s defense down and Ares crit and attack boost over the blues + Wu Kong’s boost makes the tile damage insane. Zimkitha was a recent addition over Boldtusk and adds damage with her AoE. Her attack boost is less and misses thr heal but it usually is the first special to pop and geta the cleanse and 4% red heal happeningfor her and Ares which is a nice extra.

I recommend to anyone starting out to try a similar combo with Wu + Kiril and Grimm paired with another colour stack.

Wait what. I’ve been holding onto gold and I’ve not cashed in?

What twist is this!

My poor neglected 3-70 Obak

Obakan, Wu Kong and Jackal walk into a bar…

…and say ouch.

I agree for defense.

Attack Barbarian 5*+2 Obakan is like defense Monk 4*+19 Wu Kong ( King of Combos - defense teams do not get combo bonuses) and attack Rogue 4*+2 Guardian Jackal ( yellow defense debuff - defense teams do not get color stacking and is colorless ) not built for Defense.

But defense is not where you get most of your trophies.

Like Gambler’s Stance, you really need to build the rest of the attack team around reflect damage.

Luckily attack Paladin 4*+2 Cyprian, defense Cleric 4*+19 Rigard and defense Ranger 4*+19 Tiburtus are purple heroes for color stacking.


Click for Defense AI cheats

([Primer] Defense AI Cheats or why computer gets first move, trickle mana & bonus damage and how to exploit/ defend against it for more trophies )

Click for colorless damage
Click for color stacking, Empires hidden buff

Yes, color stacking works with neutral, and weak, damage. It is just more effective with strong damage.

Click for reflect Damage
Click for Rigard and Tiburtus ( together they fight crime)
Click for talent proccing
Click for discussion of Defense team and your rating
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