Arcane scripts - can E&P run on windows?

A few of my devices run the defunct Microsoft mobile OS or Windows 10 (for work reasons, don’t judge).

The Microsoft app store has an imposter claiming to be called E&P but it’s entirely different.

Are there any safe ways of getting real E&P on a Microsoft device (android emulator etc?).

Not on a mobile device, afaik. If you have a PC, you can run it on Bluestacks, an Android emulator.

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Just remember, emulators are not supported by Customer Support

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Well, there’s a big EnP YouTuber that gets Retweeted by the official Twitter who constantly uses bluestacks on most of his videos, so yeah even though it’s not supported, it works most of the time and you won’t have any ban risk. I play there when I’m working and my cell phone is charging.

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Bluestacks is your best option for windows 10 use. The other software’s on the market are not as good.

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I’m not sure if this will help JB, but l installed bluestacks on my windows 7 laptop and E&P runs fine.
No hating for my old system, l refuse to buy an annual liscense.

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Bluestacks is eating from the memory and sometimes crashes. In the middle of the battle, yes. Noxplayer is slightly better, but as the others are saying, I don’t recommend using such as emulators.

JB, check with @Rook & @Coppersky l think they both have experience with bluestacks. So far l haven’t had any problems.

bluestacks runs fine on a modern system. As you get more dated, it will start to have issues.


@General_Confusion, thanks for your input.

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Coppersky is the Bluestacks expert. From what I remember, it works fine, though some have reported a slowdown during the game while using it…better for typing, etc.

Remember, vanilla Bluestacks is okay…sneaky extras to cheat are not. :wink:

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Hello Rook!
I installed vanilla bluestacks on my laptop so l could continue to play E&P after surgeries.

No cheating here.

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I know. The statement was for others who come across this topic six months from now. :wink:

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