Arcane Assassins-New Alliance, Experienced Players

A clan that slays together, stays together!

We are seeking experienced and active assassins to join our clan! Aracane Assassins was just created so titans are babies at the moment :rofl: This will change quickly as we grow.

New does not meen inexperianced! I have been playing for two years and I inherited an alliance that I led for 10 months. They were great folks but it was a more laid back allaince. I formed Arcane Assassins because I wanted a more active and competitive alliance.

Arcane Assassins strive for a respectful and supportive atmosphere where we can help each other learn and grow. We are a drama free alliance.

Full Expectations

• Defence TP 4400+
• Trophies 2400+
• Active and self improve
• Use all war hits if not opting out
• Hit the titan/min 5 hits☆
• Do not use titan flasks unless announcement
• Communication

☆ unless defeated in < 12 hours. Also, multiple logins without hitting the titan is unnaceptable.

Line is required. My Line ID is hersheekiss0000

First war won! :skull:

Come join our clan…

Slay the titans!

Snipe the enemies!

A clan that slays together, stays together :wink:

Created 15 days ago
Current members: 13
Titans killed: 14
Wars won: 3

Currently 7* titans with no struggles

Drama free, supportive environment

Looking for active, experienced members

Arcane Assassins is looking for active members to join our growing clan! New Alliance but experienced palyers. Competitive but friendly

Currently 14/30 with 10* titans.

Tanks green except on rush rule, then tanks are purple.

Line ID# hersheekiss0000

It is your alliance and you can make any rule you like… but this particular one seems a bit of overkill. RL commitments may mean that you don’t have a dedicated, distraction-free 90 seconds for a titan hit but you are able to do some farming, a raid or some other activity on the side. Generally if you have a committed alliance people will manage their hits in their own time and will do so without any issue.

Anyways, just my opinion and feel free to tell me mind my own business

No harm at all. I appreciate the feed back :smiley:

I didnt mean to come off that way. I had a particular situation in my head when I wrote that after comming from an alliance of 2 years.

But your right, we don’t have any issues in our alliance. Everyone has been great.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

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