Arcane Assassins-New Alliance, Experienced Players

A clan that slays together, stays together!

We are seeking experienced and active assassins to join our clan! Aracane Assassins was just created so titans are babies at the moment :rofl: This will change quickly as we grow.

New does not meen inexperianced! I have been playing for two years and I inherited an alliance that I led for 10 months. They were great folks but it was a more laid back allaince. I formed Arcane Assassins because I wanted a more active and competitive alliance.

Arcane Assassins strive for a respectful and supportive atmosphere where we can help each other learn and grow. We are a drama free alliance.

Full Expectations

• Defence TP 4400+
• Trophies 2400+
• Active and self improve
• Use all war hits if not opting out
• Hit the titan/min 5 hits☆
• Do not use titan flasks unless announcement
• Communication

☆ unless defeated in < 12 hours. Also, multiple logins without hitting the titan is unnaceptable.

Line is required. My Line ID is hersheekiss0000

First war won! :skull:

Come join our clan…

Slay the titans!

Snipe the enemies!

A clan that slays together, stays together :wink:

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