AR Reduced WE Wrong

On opening screen to AR, it says 5 WE for hard. When you go to level screen it says WE is 7 for hard! Which is it…7 is not reduced! 5 would be!

Screenshots would help


Or at least tell us which province


If I am not mistaken normal Season 2 hard mode is 10 world energy.
Atlantis rises reduced hard mode is 7 world energy.

I know for sure this is true in Providence one through six.

It actually switches to eight world energy in Providence seven.

Hope this helps.


7 is reduced from 10. As @anc1ent1 pointed out, S2 hard starts at 10 and goes up from there. The WE reduction for AR is 3, as shown here:


Anything good from your titan?


Wouldn’t you know, I posted this thread and then I get gloves :wink:

Looks like Sabina and Magni are both getting fast-tracked once I detox from going through 20 WE flasks this AR.

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Magni is such a beast

They need to get his costume out

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