AR - No Coins - Feature Vela Again Next Month

You have stopped giving out free coins in AR to be fair to everyone, but now F2P and C2P players have less chance to get Vela (personally I was 4 coins short of another pull). Please include Vela as a featured hero again next month to make it fair for all players.

And Onatel

Also proper compensation for lost atlantis coins. 1 world energy pot has no impact as it doesn’t give me anything concrete beside adding a little more farming to my usual 15 to 20 world energy flask… now I usually get around 75 to 100 atlantis coins with those…so a 100 coins (1 pull) or anything significant could be an honest compensation. I guess a epic hero token would also be ok considering Xmas event…
Good pr comes with good reaction to a problem.

I know I’m proposing this on my own personal perspective… but I’m pretty sure its similar to the plans many players have towards Atlantis rise.

You are not missing out on Vela :slight_smile: Try chasing other hero’s :slight_smile:

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I disagree. When I have been playing for over 2 years, run 2xtc20 none stop and all I have is Thorne, 2xRichard and Raffaele then Vela would be a huge upgrade.

I was more chasing Onatel or Ariel, but yea, I’d want to have a chance at them as featured heroes.

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Did you steal my account? :grinning:

+1 for Onatel.

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Even if they extended Vela’s featuring in Atlantis, I bet you still wouldn’t draw her anyway. That’s not how 5* draws go most of the time. And reducing the Atlantis coins may cost you, what, only 1-3 summons? That’s not significant if you’re looking for 5* heroes.

Having said that, your wish is still granted–though it be through the Tavern of Legends. She will be featured again next month. :wink:

I am aware the odds are terrible, but if you don’t spend a lot of money then you just have to accept the long odds. Tavern of Legends has terrible odds, so not worried about that.

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