AR > make Atlantis Rises 2x a month!

This is an issue I wanted to post months ago, but finally got past the frustration point…

This game has become too much of a grind, and increasing events through the year has resulted in an Un-Addressed topic of gameplay … our need for resources and farming.

Improvements needed:

  • Increase AR by 2 days!

  • Or have it happen 2x a month!
    — Either way, we need more time to farm with increased resources. (This would improve FTP/CTP QoL)

  • Add Loot Tickets purchase pack in the permanent part of the store (to improve QoL for veteran and PTW players)

How can SGG best improve the Increasing grind of farming?
  • Increase the AR farming days
  • Increase monthly frequency of AR
  • Add loot tickets to permanent store

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I think in the future we will have something like Valhalla rises. So I assume in the near future we will get to farm during atlantis and Valhalla.

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reducing AR time in the first place wasn’t necessary.

at least increase it 12 hours to be full 3 days instead of 2 days 12 hours. it doesn’t overlap with any monthly event.

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