APRIL HOTM Powers do not seem to work

Screenshot_20210502-060303_Empires|225x500 frosth supposed to imbue all allies minions with 30%hp and 30% attack but as you can see all the minions from.my other hero remain normal

Anyway, the special skill says “All allies’ minions get +30% HP and +30% attack. This special can increase HP and attack up to +200% of the minion’s original HP and attack.”

But it seems that the buff stops when ONE minion reach the 200%. After several uses of the special skill, minion 2 and 3 doesn’t get any buff…

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As you can see, the minions 2 and 3 are stuck at 223 and 289 HP, no matter how much you launch the special skill.
Regarding the description of the special skill it MUST be 375 HP for the 3.

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Yeah, I’ve noticed the same (in regards to minions 1 and 2 not increasing further). It really is a disappointment if this is an intended mechanic (which it shouldn’t be) and the text should be updated, it’s highly misleading.

When you have 3 minions and you summona new minion the first summoned minion (the one buffed by Frosth 3 times, but also the one that would have taken the most damage) is replaced with a new minion. As it is a new minion it will only get the 1 layer of Frosth special.

This is working within the existing mechanic of having a maximum of 3 minions per hero.

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Not in that case. In the example shown above I have used blue potions to launch Forsth’s special skill. The HP are desperately at the same level.

What do you mean? There are three different HP levels in the photo

It works as intended in this picture.

You can have 3 minions at max. If you use your special you get Minion C B and A.

Minion A gets the buff 2 times (actually 3 times, because the buff works with the first summoning es well, but let’s say it is 2 times for now)

Minion B gets the buff 1 time

Minion C gets no buff.

If you cast his special a fourth time with Mana potions Minion A gets kickt out. It’s simply gone.

Minion B gets the second buff, Minion C the first buff and Minion D (the new minion) has no buff.


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