April fool's pranks what's yours?

Hello everyone!
For this year prank I announced that I will leave my alliance after war ends…
As Co-leader and very loyal member everyone went crazy!
I was planning to say that it was a prank/joke only tomorrow but there was so many caos that I had to say it was just a prank…

What are your pranks/plans for today?




Do people still do this?

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I love pranks don’t even need April fool’s

I told my kids that the governor said all kids have to repeat their grade this year.


My GF has been dropping stuff a lot this week, and misplacing her beverage as well.

I decide to combine the two when she came into the office with a prepackaged yogurt drink. She left the office to go to the bathroom, and I put it on the floor, behind her work bag. I left the office to head to bed and she came into the bedroom to ask me if I took her drink. I said “No.” She looked in desk drawers and all over the office, but somehow - not on the floor by her desk. She asked me to help her find it because it was open.

I went to the kitchen, didn’t see it there, came into office and ‘found’ it on the floor behind her bag. She thinks she April Fooled herself.


All i did was give my alliance minute notice and my work a month notice to leave the country lol

Needless to say, my alliance did not appreciate the joke and my work pretended like i said nothing.


I was going to come back to the forum yesterday and say “hey everyone, I’m baaaaaaackkkkk!!!” But that would have been an April Fool’s Joke, like “haha, just kidding!”

So I came back today instead.

“Hey everyone, I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkk!!!”

The prank is that it’s not a prank. :laughing:


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