April 2024 TENTATIVE Calendar

Sorry @notyou87 regarding the dupes.

Hopefully we all get something new this time around…

So this is my first AR and costume chamber for years!!!

Did not know that CC ran through Wednesday. Yep, I will be spending time with loot tickets/farming for coins :coin:/ though I have the avatar lol/ and working on CC quests.

I did not know keys were possible from MV. But I digress, hah hah.

Give me some good pulls please SG/Zynga/Take 2/whoever you are now! Thanks so much,




Replying to myself to add…

With over 50 flasks of WE and RE (raid energy) plus a good amount of titan flasks, this should not be a problem hah hah.

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I consider myself ready for the next AR and chamber


Good times, @NoRecesso !

May we all get the AR/CC/ any other pulls we need!

If I am not mistaken, then the next POV & Path of Giants also arrives without a break.

Checking above :arrow_up: now…

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Correct, and it also means we can get another couple of free flasks if we get some simple challenges to complete. :grinning:


Sad update today but not so surprised actually because they didn’t mention the Treasure Quest in the v66 game update release notes :slightly_frowning_face:
@PlayForFun maybe you can ask staff why Treasure Quest is not in the v66 release notes even though it was tested during the beta cycle? :thinking: Also any news on the announced Covenant Quest but on a TBA-date?


Another solo appearance for Goblin Village. Gonna be a particularly boring and stupid week, then.

Didn’t need to be an Oracle to see that coming :rofl::rofl:

Casting no aspersions towards our resident oracle @Elioty33 , who is an incredible resouce for the player-base and is very, very, much appreciated. :+1:


I have asked Staff about the Treasure Quest.

They have just answered back to me.

Not every aspect is finished of the Treasure Quest development

So it has not released with V66, and it will not be held until another main version is released for sure.


@playforfun Thank you for the update. :+1: Much appreciated, as always.

Once again i am disappointed, but not surprised.

Shame getting any information out of SGG/Zynga these days is harder than getting blood out of a stone.

Definition from Collins Dictionary:

If you say that doing something such as getting information or persuading someone to talk to you is like getting blood out of a stone or getting blood from a stone, you are emphasizing that it is very difficult and that people are not being very helpful.


Looks like May then. I should still be playing then. VIP still running. :rofl::joy:
Or maybe even later than that. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Another day, another (minor/irrelevant for the most of us) update.


Also, don’t know if anyone noticed but they disabled the Hero League again.


Technical issue ?? :rofl:

You really couldn’t make all this up :rofl::rofl:

Doesn’t bode well for the Disappointment of Drag-ons :confounded:


well 12h ago they uploaded again video that introduces return of hero league ,but everything is possible yes


Yea, let’s hope they can fix whatever needs to be fixed behind the curtains and re-enable it before Monday.


I think its soooooox99 lame the secret heros will only be available for 24 hours!!

I was under the incorrect impression they would stay active and rotate…but knowing they will only be active for 24 hours…at a super super low rate 0.1% and not active when i most likely will summon anyway…this went from looking forward to it…to…sad…ness…

If they were always active or at least active more often it would make more sense (at least for me) and I would probably pull more from active portals…

Now its a SuperWhale only feature. Cant even look forward or wish for it unless I summon at innoppertune times. Which makes very little sense.

I mean even if it was always active it STILL has such a ridiculously low chance that the feature might as well not even exist. It would be like winning the lottery…something that probably will never happen but since its alwaays active that low chance and the hope is there…I’m not sure what they are afraid of anyway.

Anyway. End Rant. (But hey maybe they will change in future)

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Covenant Quest is added to April calendar:


To fill the gap left by the failure to launch Treasure Quest on time ?