April 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Clash Of Knights, Springvale, Atlantis Rises, Tavern Of Legends, Valhalla Forever, Mirages Of Omega, Challenge Festival, Season 5, Mythic Titan, and Voyages Of The Underwild )

Post Xmas is usually quiet. Most wallets would be much flatter post Xmas.

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@Zartanis очень ждём календарь на май :pray::pray::pray:

Sand empire is quite soon after Springvale. But that doesn’t matter, heroes from that portal are meh even with costumes. One good costume (Roc) will not make me pull there.


Still no Shrikewood?! :man_shrugging:


probably in 1h20, but i also guessed 2 times wrong already hahah

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Interesting. So the first recurring occurrence (the one back in February was more of a one-shot for the live premier of this new event) of Soul Exchange is not on week 1 as stated by the staff in the Event Cadence Update. I know the announcement stated this:

As always, please keep in mind that the cycle of events is meant to be a default setting of sorts, not a hard-and-fast rule. Only the schedule details that we publish in our release notes and monthly event calendars should be considered “confirmed”.

But really, it’s already out of pace. What are your thoughts then @PlayForFun , @Zartanis and @VeryQuietly on this and on when you could then be the next occurrence after that one in May?

I am expecting the third Soul Exchange on 22th of August.

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Interestingly enough, that the rumors I heard a few weeks ago, even before the event cadence update, for the next Soul Exchange’s date. We’ll see. If I did the math right (might be wrong, did it quick), it isn’t a week 1 either.

My June Calendar predictions:

May 16 → June 13: Sand Empire:
May 30 → June 1: Altlantis / Soul Exchange
June 1 → June 6: Tower of Magic
June 6 → June 8: Valhalla
June 9 → June 13: Challenge Festival
June 13 → June 17: Tavern of Legends
June 16 → June 20: Dunes
June 20 → June 22: Mythic Titan
June 23 → June 27: Underwild
June 27 → June 29: Atlantis
June 29 → July 4: Clash of Knights


Seems good. The least sure one is the actual challenge event we will get in June. It’ll be either Challenge Festival as you predicted, or it could also be Slayers. But more probably the Challenge Festival given the latest challenge event trend and given there are still some unreleased new costumes.

As SG has just buffed the 3 remaining costumes it is highly unlikely that we will have Slayers in June.

If Styx is a tower event as I suspect Alliance Quest might be replaced with that if SG wants to release it in V49.

I think SG announced somewhere that until all costumes are released they will alternate Challenge Festival and the newer ones every other month.

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does that imply that the other 5* challenge event heroes will get costumes down the road?

Finally Shrikewood! 2 seconds later…


So far we have seen Panther, Rumpelstiltskin and Black Knight costumes in Beta.

Because BK needs a costume to be effective, right? :joy::joy:

So I have the post for the May calendar setup, just not live yet as I have a question on timing @Petri. Two things caught my eye in the SGG calendar: The first was just the ending of the Masquerade box going too long, but should be the same length as Atlantis rises, correct? The second was a difference in the time listing for War Of The 3 Kingdoms (looks like the start time used for beta), but the graphic shows it to be 7 UTC. Which is correct? Thank you.


The text is correct, the image has been now edited to reflect the text. Thank you for letting us know!


@Petri can we get some solid info. Lots of guessing going on about events upcoming based off the new change in cadence. However, it seems things are already off the general cycle.

I have also asked about this too from Petri earlier today.
So far he haven’t answered to me.