April 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

Haha I guess I should have phrased it better :laughing:. I meant that SG keeps buffing heroes right before their limited time available portal opens. Elemental/Epic Hero portal is present all the time.

If they make a limited time portal that opens up once ever 3 months for 2 days with only season 1 heroes, maybe they will buff the season 1 heroes a week before the portal opens :rofl:.

Generally a weak attempt to a joke by me to indicate once again the heroes that need buffs (e.g. season 1 heroes) are bypassed for shenanigans like these.


Buffing the costume bonus for Challenge Event heroes? (and yes, just before the Challenge Event comes?) sigh.




Was there, by any chance, some unscrupulous ploy to generate revenue in this week’s portal?


Speaking of Magic heroes ‘passives’…if there is 100% ‘chance’ of casting, it is not passive anymore, but just another bullet in the special.

I’ve met recently a few teams with 2 or 3 magic heroes and wow!, those ‘passives’ are annoying!

Agrafena suddenly hits for ~200 dmg, Cristobal suddenly decreases my attack, Motega suddenly heals the whole team…not to mention Milena.

These heroes are much better now. Even Cristobal, where his first hit was almost always ‘meh - let the guy fire that’ can hamper you with -20% attack.

With the trio Agrafena, Milena & Cristobal I’ve even lost 3 times in a row, mainly because I wasn’t prepared for their new ‘passives’. So beware!


Something to think about is that if SGG’s new approach is to continuously buff heroes from upcoming portals to keep them relevant, in the long run this will eventually make for much better balance than what we had before (linear power creep entirely dependent on date of release) because heroes behind paywalls will semi-regularly receive buffs when players start considering them unappealing.

As transparent as SGG’s main motive may be (revenue), if this trend continues, this change will actually benefit most the F2Ps/C2Ps who have a scattered handful of older heroes they lucked into from time to time. It’s easy to realize this once you stop beating the dead horse of “what about non-costumed classic heroes” and actually look at the bigger picture.

It is actually the whales who lose the most from this new approach to balance, but they’ll always get shiny new toys to keep them interested.


5% costume buff for the original challenge event heroes makes sense to me. They’re fairly aligned with season 1 heroes.
However, the universal buff is undeserved because costumes are being added for heroes who are already good without their costumes (i.e. Black Knight, LOTL).
Overall this won’t change much. I do appreciate a change to “base” stats rather than just focusing on specials. I view it as a net neutral.

This will cause some confusion among the player base. We already get relatively regular posts about costumes bonuses.


Staff needs to release a new build for that so that can be only released in V48 or V47.1 (if there will be such release for the updated Season 4 event)

Agreed. But maybe the reason isn’t that the costume are weak at all, but more for the reason that the players are tired of summoning for the same heroes again and again. Not even 50% of the legendaries have costumes, so if you’re summoning you’ll gain probably a hero without costume. And month later the costume is released and you’ve to summon again? Release more or better all costumes to make it worth to summon!
I will not summon there if at least 2/3 of the legendary costumes are released whatever buff these heroes will get.


The reason is increase profit from festival portal.
“Strong enough” is never enough until the hero gets too “constant” in raids. But if this hero DO get too constant, the nerfing depends on which portal it came from. Xnolphod is immune to nerf, for example. Krampus, an easier to obtain hero, doesn’t.

“Balance” means “this portal is coming so we gonna buff all heroes from it so those idiots may pay to bully their enemies for some weeks until we release another pack of OP heroes”.

This is already ridiculous for some time I don’t even will say anything. May balance update will be buffs for that months events heroes and so on. In 2 year’s event heroes will all be very fast while Quintus still does Treevil damage being a legendary and slow.


Event heroes in use already get boosted in CF. 20% boost if I remember correctly.

Now those with costumes get a further boost. My LOTL will activate at 9.7 tiles instead of 10 tiles. Woo Hoo ?


I agree that the costume bonus buff for Challenge Event heroes wasn’t necessary, they are strong with their current bonus already. But compared to all of the newer event heroes, even with their costume bonuses, their stats just weren’t there. Considering they are “new” heroes when the costumes are introduced.

Yes, I do have c.Jabber and I’ve always felt his stats just weren’t as good as let’s say AQ-event heroes, even though they came to the game at around same time. So in order to these heroes stay relevant I think the buff for costume bonus was needed.

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Old hotm should be given this 5-5-10-5 buff too. Their stats are so outdated and even with costumes, they’re still so behind current heroes


In addition to the above, we’re modifying one more thing this week: fully Ascended and leveled Challenge Event Hero Costumes will now grant a Costume Bonus equal to that of Classic Hero Costumes (+5% Attack, +5% Defense, +10% Health, +5% Mana). This change is set to go live on Tomorrow 1:00 PM .

Old heroes doesn’t get reworked even if useless, they get costumes.
Old heroes baseline stats doesn’t get an increase, the costume version get it.

If costumes are in need of a buff due to stats’ powercreep how much behind are the baseline versions? smh… nohing new.


Should be coming soon. If they buff CF costumes, HOTM costumes should get this buff too. In next round of ToL : June!


CF costumes will be like S1 costumes.

Original CF heroes (with costumes) will get a bigger boost to their stats, like S1 heroes with costume bonus.

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I know, so costumeless (aka baseline) heroes are still without any stats bump.

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Yes. But the fact that SGG is applying S1 costume bonus to CF heroes with costumes is quite telling.

Non S1 costumes were considered as distinct from S1, not meriting the same CB as S1 costume heroes.

Now that pool is a tad murkier. The better CB pool now includes selected CF heroes, not just S1.

Add in the fact that some S2 3/4* will receive costumes (now in beta)…, it is possible that some CF 3/4* will receive costumes too, in the near future. Looking at June!

SGG’s apparent generosity towards players usually comes with a carefully planned revenue strategy.

Let’s see how this pans out.


At this point they might as well buff the seasonal heroes to the 5-5-10-5 stats. Victor, Rana, Yunan, Santa, MN, ML stats are so outdated


Maybe they will. Maybe.

They just nerfed the entire Xmas family in February. Pushing costume buff to 5-5-10-5 will take away some of the sting of that nerf.

Of course that only benefits the 5*. The 3/4* will still be ignored and neglected.


I think that will happen just before these events will return later this year.

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