🏯 [April 2021] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ, Discussion & Summons!

I finished top 13,500, so I got 25 of each emblem which is fine for me. Considering I truly didn’t think I would finish this one because i was getting my heroes cursed left, right and center lol.


Finished in the 5k bracket :slightly_smiling_face:

Always choose minions and mana regeneration when possible.
Started with my blue Titan Teams, so miki, Athena/isarnia, frida, always one blue healer and one damage dealer, or my red or green whichever fitted the stage better.
Red with boldtusk, wilbur, falcon, azlar costume and another red damage dealer.
Green with buddy, almur, some healers and snipers.

Didn’t really care about the courses so around 20-25, not sure, the important heroes (healers, def down, element def down, miki where cursed out)

After that switched to dark, similar team structure healer (rigard, kunchen) but I don’t have some element deff down, but instead mana control with hel, Alfrike or proteus and some heavy hitters.

With lvl 30 when all effects started to be 2 turns shorter its time for my yellow team
One healer, vivi costume when I need to dispel something (red, yellow, green Ninja) or gullibrunsti, 3 damage dealers and most important onatel. She steals with her first turn 75% mana, with the second 100%. Guaranteed recharged after 2 turns, ninjas just can’t charge they never fired with more than charge one and with always picking lantern minions and gullibrunsti`s overheal you don’t even notice that.
With this team I started using tornadoes, but only for onatel. Beside those tornadoes I don’t use any other battle items, and also those tornadoes are just for onatel-emergencies. It helps making a lot of diamonds and not using them, with them you can get rid of those nasty corner curses without the need of items.
Lost one gulli relative early and vivi around lvl 45. But I have another gulli and will probably lvl a third one.
The rest of the team got cursed out regular, lost white rabbit, joon, Leonidas.
Finished the last few levels with healer, onatel, Justice, mist and queen of hearts.

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only used minor mana, arrows and dragon banners.

3rd time finishing ninja tower. almost always similar scores approx. 1,25kk.

netting 20 emblems each

Usually in the past I tried to hold onto the “big guns” until nearer the end but this time I just threw them straight in a lot earlier and managed the curses better.

Some premium guys in there for sure but tbh Finley could easily be replaced by Azlar or even another Khagan for how it worked. Tarlak was a luxury hero for the extra tile damage and I mainly used Heimdall for the over heal so the bosses weren’t ever really a concern. Gullibursti would do the same job if you had him.

I was using Boldtusk in place of Tarlak for the levels 10 upwards but he was the one I lost to the curse. He would have done a similar job tbh.

Items from level 1 to end was mini-mana, bombs, dragons and tornadoes. The game was to not use them unless I had to but use them without hesitation if I did.

I think with this method you could complete the ninja tower with a team a lot less powered than I used. But the key is Wilbur. He’s 100% the lynchpin of it and I have a 2nd (luxury) insurance Wilbur levelled just in case I lose him to a curse.

Team I used

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4th time finishing Ninja Tower. I’m sure I’m in the minority but this is my favorite event - it’s one of the few things in the game that provides a nice challenge.

The first time it came around I merely finished, don’t even remember what tier haha, it must have been the one with around 20 emblems per class.

The last two times I finished in top 1k (close to bottom of top 1k and then very close to top 500 last time)

This time I was only going for top 500. I did get one or two game changing hero additions to my roster since last time (Heimdall for one!) and changed my strategies a bit which allowed me to score nearly 100k higher than I had before. I narrowly missed top 100 this time, not sure whether to feel happy about that or just gutted hahahaha. Rewards still nice as usual. (No 4 star mat but I love the emblems.) Probably not gonna go for top 100 next time even though I’m tempted because that would require a lot more resources and I’m c2p!

Good gaming all!


Nicely done…you should be proud. You scored higher than many players with bigger rosters. :sunglasses:


Highest priority for me: Finish as cheap as possible. No tornados no hurricanes - which I lack materials. Only again used few miracle scrolls (~10) which I can easily craft.

Biggest change: Take 4☆ right away … this was the needed improvement to score higher. No more 3☆. Only lost around 20 heroes to curses again.

Goal top 25k achieved for the first time. Don’t think I can go higher than this without items.


That is simply amazing! :grinning:

EDIT: I suspect you have more talent and resources than I have (top 500 vs ~300,000). Good for you (genuinely) but I find it insanely frustrating just shifting tiles to thwart curses. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I save up a lot of tornadoes and other items just for this event haha so that might be a big difference haha! And no worries, I totally get how the curses get super frustrating, especially in later levels when they pop up every other turn and aren’t clearable sometimes without tornadoes!

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It never occurred to me to use tornadoes. It’s not like I have a shortage! :frowning_face:

I didn’t continue, so at 48 floors with a score of 1.15M I landed at 48522nd.

My alliance member with 1.2M and completed was in the same bracket, so glad I didn’t pay to continue.

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I invested a good amount of time and resources to get to floor 47 and the reward I get is 15 emblems each (And not enough coin for ninja summon). Whereas other people in my alliance stop at floor 20, and get 10 emblems each.

Is the ninja tower even worth the time and resources all things considered?

It’s way too long in too little time.
Too much item investment for the return.
I did up to 30 and stop this time .
Last time I skipped it .
It’s the worst event.

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It depends, I have completed it last time and this time. At the end the total amount of emblems received is high, and I consider emblems the currency in the game with the highest value.

I use only tornadoes, almost that as high level item, the other ones are potions and turtle banner which never I use.

I like the challenge of the ninja tower and the reward too, could it be a it more generous? Of course but I don’t complain honestly.

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In your opinion :man_shrugging:, 20 characters of your opinion mate, some times you forget to write it.

Used ton of resources till 41 lvl…reward nothing :stuck_out_tongue: never going to do this mistake…


5 minutes for each level (in average), no resources (except health and mana potions). But in any case it’s just an another waste of time with summon portal in this game.

Best finish yet! My goal going in was to get top 1K. I was doing better the prior month and somehow fooled myself into thinking I’d get top 500.

Month Rank Score
2020-10 10983 ???
2020-12 1349 1,391,059
2021-02 712 1,444,267
2021-04 550 1,465,655

This Ninja Tower I preplanned my teams. Each time I say green/yellow are most valuable given blue/purple heroes are more common and present bigger challenges (the only ones that actually deal damage). So I want to save those teams. I planned out when I can use the other teams earlier in the event. I ended up using a lot of blue because one it’s a good strategy and two EDD from Frida/Nordri/second Nordri make that easier (not to mention regular defense down from C-Gunnar, Ulmer, Frank, Grimm, Isarnia that helped along the way).
I still didn’t use purple that much. Might use my best purple team for really early levels.
I generally used 3s for the first 10 levels, 3s and 4s (the 4 stars without emblems) through 20. I didn’t break out my best 5 heroes until after level 30. I think next time I’ll start with more four stars and bring the weak five stars that don’t get used (Justice and Richard).

Top 3 teams I would not consider super rare, but they’re pretty well designed
Holy: Gullinbursti+18, Jackal +18, Mist +18, Joon +7, Wu +18
Green: Mel+18, Almur+18, Buddy+18, Little John+18, Kingston+18
Blue: Kiril+18, Frida+18, Grimm+18, Isarnia+6, Vela+7

I both used a bunch of items and didn’t. I didn’t care about axes, arrows, minor mana pots. Perhaps I should have tracked better, but they’re so cheap I used them at will. I used a total of 40 tornadoes. Top 1K gets 20 back, so I used a net 20 tornadoes. I wish I would have used more to get top 500.

Netted 266 coins and 866 emblems (600 from rank, 80 from chests, 186 from the stages) which is pretty nice. Still wish I would have gotten top 500.

Scores by level: I track my scores each month to see how I’m doing including comparing my current score to the previous month’s. See a lot of levels in those early stages where a better team or tornado could have really helped boost the score by several thousand.

Stage Score Total Score Dif
1 16,676 16,676 -3,480
2 16,176 32,852 -7,504
3 19,908 52,760 -6,628
4 18,308 71,068 -5,040
5 18,440 89,508 -4,836
6 19,420 108,928 -336
7 18,276 127,204 2,632
8 19,540 146,744 5,008
9 18,716 165,460 5,832
10 20,313 185,773 7,673
11 15,903 201,676 6,963
12 19,102 220,778 9,371
13 16,564 237,342 8,723
14 19,070 256,412 12,503
15 18,981 275,393 11,811
16 20,434 295,827 12,220
17 18,004 313,831 10,546
18 17,577 331,408 13,012
19 16,528 347,936 9,920
20 34,439 382,375 8,952
21 29,797 412,172 6,102
22 34,402 446,574 6,289
23 32,400 478,974 11,082
24 31,417 510,391 12,034
25 29,857 540,248 8,359
26 31,477 571,725 7,414
27 36,742 608,467 8,869
28 30,442 638,909 9,904
29 30,997 669,906 7,984
30 31,642 701,548 9,259
31 30,262 731,810 13,152
32 31,702 763,512 14,809
33 32,932 796,444 15,199
34 32,002 828,446 15,259
35 42,381 870,827 16,933
36 39,834 910,661 13,279
37 38,934 949,595 11,317
38 41,112 990,707 13,729
39 36,567 1,027,274 9,184
40 42,849 1,070,123 13,702
41 42,498 1,112,621 16,717
42 42,318 1,154,939 19,642
43 37,053 1,191,992 23,890
44 38,844 1,230,836 27,094
45 35,829 1,266,665 24,619
46 38,547 1,305,212 24,196
47 41,877 1,347,089 24,385
48 43,452 1,390,541 26,059
49 36,774 1,427,315 21,748
50 38,340 1,465,655 21,388

I have been saving up challenge coins for Hansel/Gretel, but I’m starting to think I might rather have duplicate Falcon/Jackal instead. It took 10 months of saving coins (5 months saved, used them all, 0 luck, another 5 months saved, used 50 pulls, got both). Am I ready to wait another year to have duplicates?

I had a huge sense of accomplishment the first time I completed Ninja Tower. That no longer exists, but now I see how high I can push myself up in the rankings. I’m curious where this event is going. I have to imagine it’s not making a ton of money any more as most of the whales have spent their money to get the Ninja Heroes. Will we see more Ninjas and a revamped event in the future? If not it will be a much more monotonous version of the monthly challenge events.


ninja tower is a terrible event

far from fun

material enemy

the awards are insufficient

There is no reason to encourage me to continue

I left halfway while I could go on

I hope it will be more fun.

then I play with pleasure

but not now.

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