🎭 [April 2021] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Did 8 pulls with saved keys:

New: ishtak and Berden
Dup: skittle, jahangir, nashgar, tyrum, azar, renfeld

Had hoped for at least a new 4*, but at least 2 new heroes.


Had C.Hoghall already. Decided I’d blow my keys now because I wanted a bunch of the 4* heros. And I got Prisca Γ—2, Renfeld, and Kailani. All useless and have been eaten. RNG, what did I do to you in a past life?

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Was feeling lucky so i tried a 10 pull…

I was right


Jackal deserves emblems regardless. At. +18 he has 892 attack, which is the highest for all holy heroes except Musashi I think. He still makes it on my titan team even for 12* titans, elemental debuff+insanely high attack stat pair extremely well.

Plus in normal raids if you can keep him alive with heroes like Sif/Brynhild/Gazelle he is still useful.

Well, now I know where all my luck went.

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Two key pulls. Friar Tuck (yet again) and Balthazar. At least the latter was a new one, though I was hoping for Sabina’s costume when I saw the purple appear.

The last free pull gave me Rigard! Was still missing this one and I recently finished him. So happy with this result :sunglasses: now I’m only missing cMel in costume.


Congrats on C-Rigard @leejow! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

He is one of the few heroes that I’m happy to have multiple duplicates.

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Two free pulls from the quest - dupes Oberon and Azar.

Next time…

Thanks @SamMe it will definitely give my team another boost as I was mostly using BT for the task. Attack stats will be much better now. Almost finished cSabina, then it’s on to cRigard. Like you said, I’m gonna keep that 2nd one to. Good to have multiple of it.

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Thank you for the information. I like the costumes. They are really good artwork. Unfortunately the chance to get something useful is too low. I do each round 3-4 drawings and I got no 5* hero and 5 4* heroes. Many double drawings especially Bane and Brianne both more than 5times. In our Alliance noone got so far a 5* costume and many of us have a lot of double or more drawings. If I cumulate the number of drawings in our Alliance it is at least 500.

So I look at the pictures and enjoy the artwork, but do not read the specials of a 5* hero because I see no chance to get him or her in this live and hope that my next drawing is not another double one

Cheers Reder

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