[April 10, 2019] [UPDATE: WAR CANCELLED] Systemic War Connection Issues – Developer Response in Post #313 [MASTER]


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I select an opponent, setup my squad I click in fight and just get connection failed…


During War , lost flag , never got to battle, 0 points…


Tried to use a war flag twice and lost connection both times.

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War jus started 2 of my players choosed their targets in the same time after hiting attack they both were pushed out of the battle with a server error sign,rewarded with 0 points flags gone and they neither hitted… Now what to do in this case there are about 100 points there …


Ok another server Error for another player 0 points again ,pls Restart War…


Same bug here…

The new update looks like it causing it…Some people r able to hit but some others get server error and 0 points

Hi, we are having the same problem, hit ‘attack’, server error message, game resets, when it reloads, flag is gone and 0 points, we have lost 3 flags and 3 strong teams so far.

Can we get a restart please?

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Clicked on attack in the war and got a server error. Now it says I got 0 in my fight and my heroes were already used. Please help!

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Keep gettting disconected in war. Happened 2x and have no points! Server issue. Very frustrating. Other alliance members experiencing the same


Same here. This war must be canceled!

Same here lost a flag, lost my best team and 0 score :sob:

Same problem losing attacks and heroes. Very frustrating and ruins the War. Need to fix your resilliency in your architecture. Clearly not build for mobile connectivity.


Got the same problem, I’ve lost my best heroes.

I’ve just lost the first fight in war due to server error when trying to change heros? Lost the use of my top heros in this war and a flag! Great start, bad for my alliance! Didn’t even get off the hero line up section!

Ugggh same just happened to me!!! Not cool at all!!!

Same. And to two others in my alliance

This has happened 2 times for each of the alliances in our war.
Seems the raid nonsense has interfered with war once again.

Just happened to me too :exploding_head:

We had this happen to two team members as well.

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