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Ninja Tower >>>> TOL


Did x30 pulls only food :wink: this is the first time I buy this offer and the last one :rofl: ty SG :stuck_out_tongue:

40 pulls (the 30 offer + a 10 pull with gems) = 0 legendaries, just 3* and 4* feeders. One of the worst portals to summon.

Well, it’s really a matter of opinion so we can’t be wrong. There is not a doubt in my mind though that I am definitely more right. :wink:



For first time finished this one :crazy_face::postal_horn::hugs:


Well, I stopped for months spending on TOL as we all know how seriously bad the odds are, so today, for some reason… I think it was hoping for the new hotm and cringingly I decided to buy the deal and this was the result…

PS: Thank you SG :heart_eyes: makes a change


Bought today’s offer and look who decided to join the party:

Was chasing him when he was last time in Atlantis, obviously without success. Now I pull him and he’s not even featured. Not that I complain, heh. Still, I am 2 tonics short, but he’ll be my next project. Him and Heimdall should be fun in very fast tournament.

So this ToL gave me 3 x 5* from 47 pulls (Yang Mai, Ares and Alberich). Not bad.


zero legendary from the tavern in nine months. it’s a joke

Didn’t use coins last time, so with the coins from this tavern, had 4 pulls. 4 3*… Never had anything other then a 3* or 4* from tavern. (but I have only pulled with coins, so given this the 9th edition, I did 18 pulls total. So not really surprising I got nothing.)

Of all featured i got freaking Ares … Through bought coins…
:woman_facepalming:t2: This is some curse, first Thot now this. He will never see those rings.

I struggled a lot and ended up deciding not to buy the 30x offer and pull - mostly because I got Alasie last ToL and not keen on Ares so that is 2 out of 4 gone for me.

We have Frida, Athena and Alasie as featured hero for the past three ToL… That is three good ice heroes in a row… I mean come on SG… Really? Should the featured hero in place of Alasie is a strong one other than ice color, I would have bought the $30 offer and tried my luck.

But I also reckon that things will only get worse from now on given the large number of subpar HoTMs that we start receiving from June last year until today. This featured hero thing is prob turning from a blessing to a curse now.

Well, maybe that means I will be free to pull at ToL from now onwards.

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