🏅 [Apr 9, 2019] 2nd Raid Tournament! — 3* Buff Booster, All Elements

Well the second raid tournament is a disaster as well as the first one. My defense team is a 1800+, I got attacked on the first day by an opponet with offensive team 2300+, and lost. And now every day I recieve no points for the defense, because it is raited “E”, and I think it is not fair, because I am not attacked again anymore.

We’re confused over in our alliance. Didn’t this tournament start Wednesday with Tuesday prep? My timer is still going today and a 4 day tournament should have ended today… battle days being Weds/Thurs/Fri/Sat… did we miss something?! Why is there an extra day?

Its the last day.

Preparation start at Wednesday 08.00 GMT
1st day start at Thursday 08.00 GMT
2nd day start at Friday 08.00 GMT
3rd day start at Saturday 08.00 GMT
4th day (last day) start at Sunday 08.00 GMT

Okay! We thought prep was Tuesday and that the actual start of attacks in the tournament was what crashed the servers on Wednesday and stopped alliance wars.

@Yelnats something isnt adding up because this thread says “REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN” and it was created April 9th.

@Petri - am I nuts? Wasn’t registration opened Tues the 9th and the first day of attacks Wednesday the 10th, causing the raid wars to crash?

I just check on my alliance chat group, 10th April is the day we knew the tournament limitation and the day we can put our defense team. That day we had a discussion regarding which hero shall we put in defense team. 10th April is Wednesday.

Tuesday - registration
Wednesday - defense preparation
Thursday - 1st day of attack

Ah! That makes sense! TY!

Now that tournament is over I must say I was suprised by amount of higher level players using emblems. I just didn’t thought prizes were worth of losing 10% + 10 % of emblems.

I was lucky I supposed, to finish among top1% without emblems but still I didn’t find prizes to be anything to write home.

Well, this tournament was a 3 star emblem fest…I am glad that I could finish in the top 1% without any emblems (they all go to my 4 stars). Got decent loot though, so guess it was fine. :slight_smile:


@zephyr1 do the developer planning on improving the tournament system so all defenses get attacked more equally in numbers?

I’m not sure, but I hope so. This time seemed improved from last time, but clearly still very unevenly distributed.

It makes sense to me that some people would get attacked more than others based on matchmaking objectives, but it seems odd that some people would be attacked 10-20 times as often as other people, particularly with similar defenses.

Well, loot was mediocre, with the only nice surprise being x30 Monk emblems. But we all knew that right?

I’m glad to have participated. Here’s to next time :beers: may the loot be better!


Got 1-5% with zero emblems and unleveled troops, lost 7 atks out of 20, lost 3 defenses out of 5… first two days was weaker teams and last 2 days were much harder teams with lots of troop leveled and emblems.

It makes sense matching gets harder as I do better so to me the matching seemed near perfect.

My 3* maxed team without emblems or leveled Troops shouldn’t be in the top 1% and probably shouldn’t be in the top 1-5%.

However I did use 75 gems to continue. Was it worth the gems imho yes because I got lucky with the rewards and I continued on my last hit on the third day. 10 Atlantis coins, 20 emblems, 3* non farmable ascension item.

Suggestions rewards need to be boosted at least 1-2 tiers but not as high as the first week. Like the 5-10% rank should be similar to the 1% rank. Furthermore I probably should have been attacked more then 5 times in 4 days I was in C rank most of the tournament with like a moment at B rank on the second to third day.

Overall the tournament was much better. Increase the loot and spread the attacks out more.

The reward is just temporarily reduced, it will be restored when the developer deemed that the tournament run smoothly.

I know but I still think 100 emblems was a bit much for top 1%. I’d rather see it as just a higher % chance at 50 emblems.

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My 3* maxed team without emblems also ended up at 1-5%. I think that is where most maxed 3* without emblems ended up in.

I thought you want it boosted… but I do agree with this.

I thought the tournament is supposed to be held once a week, but I saw the countdown to the next tournament is still a week a way. Do the tournament will be held every other week until the system can run smoothly?

They’re taking another week break to continue working on matchmaking fixes:

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