🏅 [Apr 9, 2019] 2nd Raid Tournament! — 3* Buff Booster, All Elements

Uncertain. Presumably it’s just gone…raid defenses don’t have to have 5 defenders, unlike wars. Now if you eat all 5 defenders…


I’ll be eating all 5 and just coasting until the timer runs out to collect my 1 emblem

No leveled 3s but wasnt passin up free loot for clicking a “join” button

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I guess your nightmare come true.


20 characters…

Who knows, maybe the server crashes and we all get a free alliance flask.


I don’t think it’s possible, look at this screenshot from last time:

@Rigs @Kerridoc

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I’m sure @Rigs is planning on that.

Plan fail.


Hoping it’ll be like last time due to this.

:rofl: :partying_face: :poop: :scream: :see_no_evil:


Looking for feedback on this team:

LW: Brienne 3^50 (6/8)
LF: Gato 3^50 (8/8)
T: Hawkmoon 3^50+18 (8/8)
RF: Melia 3^50 (8/8)
RW: Valen 3^50+13 (8/8)

Total TP: 2469

First of all, despite having a regular defense team with TP 3500+, yes, I really have 18 talents on Hawkmoon and 13 on Valen, because I have no better clerics or fighters leveled at the moment. Hawkmoon’s stats are 533 / 500 / 836, so I think she should be a good tank, considering she can take a beating and heal. Flanking with two fast mana buffers, one opposite color to the tank. Would love to be able to give Gato’s buff to Valen, since I also have him heavily emblemed, but I’m afraid of a green stack if I put them both on the same side.

The one I’m wavering on is Brienne. I know this event was tailor made for her, but is the extra buff worth not bringing a dispeller? I could swap her out with Belith 3^48 (8/8) for a dispeller, but that gives me two healers in an event not really made for them. Unfortunately, I only have Tyrum at 1^17 and Mneusses at 1^1; either would have been great here with their fast mana, sniper special, and dispel. Alas!

Does this also seem like a good attack team for this tournament?

Just remember that the tourney initial matching is with teams of like power - so all those emblems won’t really provide as noticeable improvement (if I understand it) PLUS it has a really, really reduced loot reward so I would hold off.


You´re right, won´t move emblems, because the loot in this one is too poor to waste reset emblems and melia and belith won´t be needed for Guardians rare event too. And hey, who knows if my emblems vanish too while moving them, with all the problems our beloved game has! :smile:

10 pull to try for Aife is only 1200 gems (best deal). I think it’s close to 25% chance too.

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I currently have Gunnar as tank too. But it encourages attacker to stack Belith and Brienne. Needs experimentation.

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I have much the same team as you, but pondering brienne and belith.

Though most here would call it heresy I think I’ll be bringing Belith and Rudolph on defense. With the emphasis on buffs, dispels are important and Gunnar being a slowpoke could probably use a heal.
I can’t see bringing hawkmoon over rudolph, though I may sub him out to bring both the green ladies.

I’ll have to think more about it.

Gunnar is one of the toughest 3* heroes (Vlad looks good for survival skills too). As a paladin Gunnar has extra defense if given a couple of bumps on the talent tree (very cheap for 3*) therefore he is my tank.

Gunnar combined with Brienne and the attack buff becomes immense.

Tanking - Rule out Green because Namahage and Rudolph have very high attacks, Purple also out because Melia also has a 500+ attack stat (and she buffs).

Gunnar is vulnerable to Mneusseus who is fast and a debuffer but attack stat is lower, Belith is also a debuffer so this strategy isn’t foolproof.

Tyrum is fast, a debuffer and one of the most durable 3* too so he is on the team.

Namahage also gets the spirit link boost to his attack and one of the best attack stats in the 3* pantheon, so he’s on the team.

Debating healer or buffer and Melia joins as a buffer, the critical bonus will be gold with the boosted attacks (in my mind at least).

I wish I could watch my defense defend.

PAIRING - assumptions are being made about matching opponents. It simply says defensive team strength will be used.
In a tournament the strongest is usually first paired against the weakest. Perhaps it is different in SG’s design but that would quickly winnow out the field in a way that similar level pairing will never be able to do.

I have a strong bid for gunnar as well. Very strong defence and 2x buffer. He’s a paladin, which I don’t have a 5* candidate for for many months to come. So I’m happy to give him the emblems for now - emblems go a long way for 3*s! Focusing on his defence to ensure his special goes off every battle.


I’ve been hoarding 3*s… because. They have no emblems, but I have a pretty deep bench, so I might do okay, possibly even great. We’ll see.

Wait… green is strong to blue and neutral to green. I’m going to have to rethink this defense… brb…


Why do not do 3 categories (3, 4 and 5 stars). Players can only enter one of the 3 tournaments. Once engaged on the tournament 4 * we cannot game the other tournaments) The rewards are identical according to the places for each category of tournaments. That is to say that the 1% have the same reward that he made the tournament 4 * or 3 * or 5 *.
like this, players are not frustrated with having no more 3 * or 4 * or no having 5 *.

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This is what I’ve come up with my current leveled heroes.

The rest of my roster (ignore unleveled 4stars in that mix) is below. Not including the 3 stars that are at less than 1 ascension (sorry Chochin, it’ll be next time). I can realistically finish Namahage and Gill-Ra today as well before registration closes.

No emblems in any of them. I have enough paladin emblems and sorcerer emblems to take those heroes in those classes to very high levels. Short on the rest.

Any feedback greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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I have not seen that they have changed the way to obtain the points, in the previous one it was based on the defense to the one that you attacked, the performance that had had that defense, something like that …

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