[Apr 7, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Serenity Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Forgot to grab a screenshot of my team. I had Guardian Falcon 4.70, Triton 4.70, Chao 4.70, Evelyn 3.70, and Frida 3.70 (DEBUFFERS UNITE!) :slight_smile:

Last time Chao was more like 4.50 and Sonya 4.70 was in for Frida. An earlier (first?) clear also featured Cyprian 3.60; if I ever get around to leveling him, he will likely return.

I used minor healing pots to keep the team up, usually while Triton’s buff was active. Other craft brought was axes (none used), bombs (all used), and dragon attacks (1 used).

Not surprisingly, Triton and Frida worked well together, her debuff makes him shine. I forgot to open the final boss fight with a bomb for the attack debuff, I will do better next time. Coming in fully loaded, I probably took about half their health before mounting casualties prompted me to bomb them into oblivion.

The 3* trainer likely has Isarnia’s name on it, assuming she is still my best unleveled blue 5* when I finish Valeria (plz don’t judge). :smiley:

I really want a healer for this, but Red Hood has yet to look my way.




I didn’t notice a difference but I ascended a couple of hero’s since the last one so even if it was more difficult I went in stronger so+/- equal
Btw after upgrade aegir was keeping all alive and Triton and Thorne doing the dirty work chao keeping mana down don’t remember who else I took in lol didn’t need more lol
Ohh yes Cyprian a little counter attack so if I get hit !!!

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Frida replaced a second Tyrum
Aegir kept me alive
Tiburtus has tokens this time

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My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The biggest change is that after saving Emblems for Frida, I finally decided that I’d actually rather give them to Falcon first, and brought him up to +10.

I had some troop leveling progress too, and Evelyn has stepped up a node since last time.

I also had made this note for myself last time:

So this time, I made the swap of Bombs to Axes.

The Battle

The first two stages were a cakewalk. I probably could have autoplayed them even at this point.

The third stage was straightforward to start, and I just used 7 minor healing along the way to keep everyone in good shape.

I used 3 axes along the way to keep the Bosses debuffed.

The mix of Tiburtus, Evelyn, and double Falcons made for strong tile damage, and a pretty quite progression. 3-60 Chao helped control mana a bit until he was killed.

Without a healer, by the end I ended up down to one Falcon, with the bosses near death and no healing pots left. I used a single Dragon Attack to finish them off and avoid risk of losing.

On the whole, Trials of Serenity aren’t too bad for me. I look forward to eventually maxing Falcon #2 and Chao to strengthen this team, but the item usage to get through this one is very sustainable, so it’s not bad at all.

NOTE TO SELF: Probably fine to downgrade the Dragon Attacks to Bombs. Very unlikely to need the extra damage potential. Check inventory of items and crafting materials next time to decide which to bring.

Was It Harder?

Maybe? I really didn’t notice a difference for this particular one since last time.

Shiny New Emblems

Falcon went up another node to +11, but Evelyn came up short one Emblem…ONE!! :roll_eyes:

Cannibalism for Fun & Profit

My second Grimm ate the Trainer Hero, bones, cloak, and all.

As soon as Grimm #2 is maxed, Karil and then Frida are up next. So that was a nice little bump in schedule.


Someday I hope to know how to screen shot. Sigh

Evelyn - Alasie - Ares - Cyprian - Lianna

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ANYHOW, I didn’t have any healers again so I took healing flasks (the midsized) and prayed. All of my heroes were 4-60s. TIB x2, Chao (tank), Lianna and Richard as flanks.

First two were cakewalks. The last round made me have to think. Hmmm. I took bombs, axes, and arrows. Held on to everything till the last round, widdled Richard down first, then used bombs, then needled Chao with tiles till I was for ed to use up my axes. By then little miss had less than 300 so I tiled her back into the forest where she belonged.

Was it harder than the last time? I honestly can’t remember. I just know at best, it was every bit as challenging.

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You’re going to be LOVING that second Grimm for the final rounds in the Trials of Strength and Survival :heart_eyes:


What phone do you have?

Simply press vol down and power together.

A lot of Samsungs are set up so that if you swipe with the whole palm from right to left, you get a screenshot (mine was). If I do the volume-power combo, Google assistant intercepts it and doesn’t want to let me do anything sensible with the shot…

It’s already been said, but here’s some additional info:

Android/Apple phones that still have a home button: simultaneous press of power and home button.

Okay, sorry everyone. Very inappropriate but I am practicing

I am so challenged by the screenshot thing. Going to have a good cry now.

Don’t feel bad. We aren’t born into the world knowing everything about everything.

What model of phone do you have? That would help give a more definitive answer if you’re still struggling with taking screenshots.

On my Apple devices I use AssistiveTouch which give you the option of doing many things but includes taking screen shots.Can be found in General settings then Accessibility

It’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab E

On the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, you press home and power simultaneously.

The screenshot will be in your gallery.


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