[Apr 24, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Managed to finish the last stage with this team, minimal item use :slight_smile: used less than I though I would. The 2 heros died right at the end, kind of half let them die to save items :slight_smile:

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Made it through on the first try but man it was close. Scarlett and Kelile both with red bars at the end. Used all health pots but saved all the items for the bosses. Had 2 extra axes left at the end which I’ll know for next time to use on the waves to get through more easily.

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I replaced Skittle with Peters. My Alice is now in 3rd Tier.
Haven’t tried last level yet. I know it’s possible, but i needed to fill my monsters chest.
Will update how 3rd level works

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My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

This team has held steady so far through all 3 iterations of Trials of Shadows, but obviously I’ve made a fair bit of progress on leveling.

With Rush Attack Raid Tournaments, Skittles finally got into my leveling queue after many months sitting at 3-60.

I also dropped down my items, based on easy runs previously.

The Battle

This one was quite easy, on the whole.

I ended up using 4 antidotes to clear the attack debuffs, plus 16 minor healing along the way to supplement Sabina.

Thoth and Skittles were the only ones alive by the end, but that’s only because I stopped healing the others when it was clear I was about to win. Thoth was also at full health with 3 minions.

Shiny New Emblems

Scarlett went to +10, and is getting to be insanely fierce.

Thoth-Amun didn’t quite make it to +4 — the last node I’m taking him to before switching to Sabina.

People Popsicle

Frida enjoyed the frozen treat!

I used Scarlett +8, Sabina +7, 3x60 Danza, 3x60 Skittle, 3x60 Kelile. I swapped in Danza for a 3x60 Ameonna from the last time this trial came around.

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I think Musashi is a little bit stronger than last time

I did it. It would be nice to have not needed to pretty much carpet bomb, but it’s done.

Jackal got the rouge emblems. I’m saving my sorcerer for the day Mitsuko is fully leveled. That will still be a ways away.


My team at the end of the final stage.

All antidotes have been used.

I could’ve used Quintus and Cheshire cat, but decided that purple would be a weak color, thus inefficient. Stacked yellow and red worked just fine against both lesser monsters and bosses.

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I completed all three stages with this team:


Items used: 8 Healing Potion, 5 axes, 5 bombs, 3 dragons

Changes from last time: swapped in a 3-47 Jahangir instead of a 2-34 Scarlett; otherwise, a few levels here and there from the others, but nothing major.

Previous time on this trial, I only completed 2 of 3 stages. This time, I got all three done. I think the last time was when I wasn’t invested in dumping axes, bombs, and dragons into these things, but I’ve since decided it’s worth doing for now, and eventually my teams will get to the point where I don’t need to do that.

Good gaming!


Congrats on making it through for the first time! :slight_smile: