🏅 [Apr 22, 2019] 3rd Raid Tournament! — 5* Bloody Battle, All Elements

The card description for Elkanen and Leonidas say “heal” the caster so that won’t work, only the damage and non-heal effect remains.

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Leonidas and Elkanen will not heal themselves during Bloody Battle.


I’m not sure, but the comment I quoted above about it not working is from beta.

I’m expecting to see many Gravemakers on the leader board. It’s a burning bloody battle :fire::fire:


That is why his title is Blood-Stained Druid.


even though i have 3 maxed 5* i will put a 4* team as defense (in case that the defense bug is still on); also i dont hope for a good loot… not that the chances are high…

p.s. an average/fast tank that steals/slows mana generation or a attack debuff is the way to go imo.

This one is most frustrating yet cause I have a lot of heroes who are healers + additional special. For now I put Aeron as a tank bc of his cleanse and ailments shield but probably gonna switch him up. My team for now is
Gravemaker - Ares - Aeron - Justice - Richard
I’m thinking of putting Proteus in there somewhere but can’t figure out where yet :slightly_frowning_face:

@_John_Doe I only have 5 non-healer 4* and zero 5*. Do you think I shall put 3* defense? :grin:

@zephyr1 any word from the staff regarding matchmaking improvement?

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The question is merely the positioning, if one wants to include zimzam for a cleanse.

It makes me sad to use him as a buddy flank here, but it might be better since the rest of my team are just supporting cast.

Nothing so far, so I don’t know what’s been changed since last time.

If they don’t change anything, I will put this defense: :rofl:


I’m going to go in order lianna +4, marjana +3, richard +3, sartana +4, joon +3.

You better kill them quick or you might not get a chance


All healers have a sencondary effect. Buff, Debuff, Dispel or Cleanse.
I wouldn’t take them along, but keep in mind that others won’t do so as well. So any Buffers and debuffers are gonna have a big effect since the enemy is unlikely to counter them. Athena and Zeline would be top, but any DoT effects are nice too.

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Gravemaker tank is so going to have a field day this tournament.


Yeah. At least I won’t have to deal with the Guin tanks

A green tank might not be the best choice. They burn to death even quicker :cry:

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good point, thank you for saving me from that!

Good morning … the items the prizes … they are a very bad joke … my opinion the game is dying … good game to all

This one is such a slobber knuckle, I’ve changed my defense twice already !!

Can’t decide to use a rainbow team or not… Fast single hitters or multi slow hitters … Sigh it’s too much !!!


It is currently a joke because they decided to nerf it until they are satisfied with the tournament system. Only then the reward will be good again as in the first tournament…


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