🏅 [Apr 22, 2019] 3rd Raid Tournament! — 5* Bloody Battle, All Elements

Thanks for that new clarification.

But still you don’t inform anything about special rules. If healing is disabled, are healers considered within the best 5 heroes?

Let me propose an absurd example to understand this issue:

Team A best 5 heroes are 5 Hawkmoons -> 2225 TP

Team B best 5 heroes are 5 Beliths -> 2225 TP

Hawkmoon special do nothing, Belith special can only debuff.

Are both teams going to find 2225 TP opponents?

I’m pretty sure the answer is yes (guessing on what you are not saying)

Ok so my tournament so far:

I went day 2 with a 2-1 record, adding that to my 2-3 start I got knocked out with a 4-4

As I said, having no healers makes the battle very dependant on the initial board. With a healer you can buy time to improve a bad board to a good one. Without a healer you need to charge specials immediately and take down opponents as fast as possible. Or you need to have plenty of tiles of the color you stacked to deal huge damage.

I liked participating under this new rule. Of course I didn’t expect to get all the way to day 4. Basically because I don’t have a single 5* hero so far. Still I enjoyed the challenge.

I’ll be waiting for the loot and looking forward for the next tournament. I’m still waiting to see a color restricted tournament (like no greens, only blues or whatever).

To anyone suggesting they don’t take healers into account, where exactly do you expect them to draw the line? Should Aegir be counted? Elkanen?

What about the other rules? Should slow heroes be worth more??

I’m suggesting that they do take healers into account (I’m guessing that a few posts up).

But if I have to answer your question: They could have a way to weight specials and calculate with that the power of the hero.

Aegir can bring the ability to heal 100% damage dealt by normal attacks. That could be a 20% of his power. So nullifing that ability, a 768 power Aegir could be valuated as 614 power.

We can do the same with Elkanen.

Yet again, I’m just guessing (and proposing a way to evaluate the loss of healing being disable).

Sounds complicated so my final guess is that the best 5 heroes are the best 5 heroes no matter if they are healers or not.

For this tournament, since 3 of my 5 best that qualify are healers I presume they count among my best 5, correct? Even though they are not nearly as strong as they normally would be due to bloody battle.

I’m not sure this changes anything from the rest of the game. The ones willing to spend gems on the tournament are the ones who spend to get gems anyway. I doubt many people will start spending on gems just to continue in the tournament.

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The special skills of the heroes are not taking into account, so for example in this tournament healears are indeed included for the matchmaking.


To complicate further, Aegir’s heal is much more effect on offense. So by your reckoning, the percentage should be different for offense and defense. :thinking:

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Thanks for clarifying.

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let’s be honest here you have no idea if they are including your healers in the 5 best…
First sara tells us the change log will keep us updated and tehy are going to try harder to do a good job with that.
Then we find out from @Petri that they didn’t bother changing the tournament log to tell us its now the 5 best heroes.
Then they didn’t explain how they decide the 5 best heroes.
SO anyone saying that my 5 best heroes for this tournament are A,B,C,D and E are only guessing. And one could argue that these are educated guesses…but be honest they are only guesses. We dont really know because they won’t tell us.

In retrospect, it makes it far too complicated to try to rework all the heroes’ TP to match the tournament regulations so we just need to be aware of the effects that has on our heroes and adjust our expectations accordingly. With no healing the bloody battle tournaments essentially become good starting board win, otherwise lose.

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See some more clarification that just leaves more questions.

So no we know that special skills have nothing to do with how they determine your 5 best heroes.
Well since that is a major part of a hero, that leaves us with
hero power which does include special skills so that ain’t it either
raw attack,def,hp stats…Ok that might be it.
Putting pictures of the heroes on a dart board and blindfolding someone to throws darts at them to determine who is best…probably close to what they do.
a straw poll of which hero is better.
pure RNG …

SG you have no idea how to communicate with your player base…

For every raid I win, it is due to my exceptional skill in tile matching. For every loss, it’s clearly a bad board! :grin::joy::rofl:

Dude, just go look at the TP listed on the heroes in your roster. That’s how it’s decided, same as for war matching.


Actually it shouldn’t be based on petri’s comment

It clearly says special skill are not taken into account. The TP of hero goes up as you level the special skill. SO that number includes special skills which perti said is not used.

Now I am not saying you are wrong. You could be 100% right. That is not the point…
The point is they do not communicate with us in a very effective way… and we are all left guessing.

Probably just interpretation, but one can assume this means the type of special skill is not included, but the level of the special contributes to the overall power rating of the hero. That’s been something people have been uneasy with even in war matchings- whether a hero like kadilen should be considered more or less the same power as alberich.

I asked him if that meant my healers were considered in my top 5 even though they are clearly weakened by healing being nullified. He replied special skills are not taken into account in considering your top 5. Clearly that means it’s your top 5 eligible heroes without taking into account tournament adjustments, strictly based on TP same as for AW.

No, for every raid I win it’s RNG good luck, for every raid I lose it’s RNG bad luck. No skill required.

Great. I think that seals the deal.

Thanks for your third clarification.

Please, PLEASE, improve SG communication. There have been a lot of posts guessing how the matchup is done. Players should not be guessing. Rules should be clear from the very beginning.

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Who says you need a 5* team to compete? My alt will end up ranking better than my main thanks to its amazing 2349 defense Kelile GanJu Gunnar Balthazar Berden. 1-0 after day 1, 2-0 after day 2. [Easy 1800 points, and it hasn’t been attacked in day 3 so far. Meanwhile my main got E and C grades.]

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