🏅 [Apr 22, 2019] 3rd Raid Tournament! — 5* Bloody Battle, All Elements

good … the RAID tournament my defense was only attacked once … how can I give category And … if my defense only suffered an attack … how do I know if my defense resulted ?? how can you draw a conclusion if my defense only suffered an Attack. category E … while many Warriors have 5 6 ATTACKS … thank you all good game … can you help me … thanks

Eliminated after 8 Tourney energy.

Defense 1 lose 0 wins

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My biggest upset about getting kicked after 4 losses isn’t about the loot, it’s that I just want to play the game. The special rules make it fun and challenging. Somebody else is telling me that beta was pay gems to enter and this is better, but it’s not going to be free. But that’s upsetting, since you’re supposed to be able to play this game for free.

But if that’s the case, what about a compromise? Free for everyone to enter up to your first 4 defeats, then gems to continue ONCE and you can play until the end? Again, I’d rather it be a free feature to begin with, but if it’s gotta be something, this is a little more reasonable. Why would I pay to continue if I’m out on the 2nd day? Chances are I’d end up defeated another 4 times before the end, so why would I bother?

Or make it reasonable, like 20 gems to continue. Do the developers realize how long it takes to save up 75 gems? Lol, seriously?

I think if it stays this way, there’s going to just be way fewer people bothering to participate rather than people spending loads on gems.

Second day I am 2-2 on attacks and done. I’m saving my gems. All defenses I attacked today were 4100+. My best team without healers is rainbow 3800 (my defense team). Since I suck at rainbow attack I use 3-2 so my attack team averages around 3600. Personally I’m amazed I won 2 of them.

My defense has been 1-1 both days and just like the previous 2 tournaments was never attacked again in any day after a loss. Still issues to iron out there.

Currently I’m in 10-25%. I expect to slip well down from there.

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Should we all ban together and boycott the Raid Tournaments?
I mean if all the players abstained from the next tournament, then hey, maybe they’ll listen and make the right changes.
…Or, maybe they won’t… .

The fact is, it’s hard [and at times deeply frustrating] competing against the big spenders! And the Raid Tournaments are proving to be another example of this p2p class separation.
But I don’t think we should give up. The reasons we’re all here in the first place are not yet lost.

I’m grateful they’re expanding the game, one I’ve invested a lot of time into.
And it’s not lost on me the amount of effort of coding involved it requires to make these kind of additions. Give SG a bit of slack there.
So I’m trusting that these kind of things just take time to iron out.

But look, if you don’t have a strong 5* team in your roster, then either expect to be in the lower percentile or just skip that week. - The BloodyBattle special rule + 5 star heroes = one tough competition! It just is, so either you’ve got the line up or you don’t yet.

Utilize the experience instead. Harness these beginning tourneys to review and analyze the assortment of heroes and various team tactics.
It’s yet another avenue to gain insight into where to focus our existing roster training and applications.


To clarify, the best 5 heroes within the rarity and element limits of the current tournament.


I know another poster has commented on how with this tournament being a bloody battle it has made every battle dependent on the starting board which takes some skill out of the game. It would obviously suit SG for people to lose regularly so they’ll spend gems to continue but is that what the player base wants? (this should matter). Also in the last tournament I faced stronger (sometimes much stronger) teams in 19 out of the 20 battles. These tournaments could be great fun if designed properly but SG seems extremely efficient at designing frustration into the game to entice more spending (cough, summons, cough) so I feel the tournaments will be designed in such a way that only a very small minority can continue until their 20th battle. If its based on skill then that’s fair enough but if its based on just the luck of a starting board or having to consistently face much stronger teams (not what comparable means) that that just seems a bit too artificial.

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I’m out after 9 wins out of 13 total. Considering my best team power is around 3900, which goes down quite alot when color stacking, I guess I can’t complain. All losses were against much better teams, team power 4150-4200. Two of those had two gravemakers, that’s a instaloss without a very lucky board.
So I think the difficulty goes up way too fast, I shouldn’t have to face 4100+ teams on the first day. They should base difficulty more on team power. I understand people might spend more gems (when the rewards finally get worth it again) , but it’s much less fun.

similar here… i have max teampower of 3650ish and i’m out now after loosing 4 times agains tems with 4050 + team power… i had 7 wins (some against teams with 4100+ due to some lucky boards) …

All opponents above 3600, but somehow I managed to have one loss left and even my 3K defense wins about 50%… Best loot tier so far. I pray for tomorrow.

My little 4*team of 3520tp finally got knocked out today. A surprisingly good run I thought facing teams of 3900tp and higher. Currently sat in 1-5% band but expect to fall now. I have been attacked 42 times which seems very high but my guys are currently ranked grade B

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I’m out as well. Silly losses but it is what it is…

Totally true.

That doesn’t invalidate what I said. Their power isn’t the same, it’s a bit lower. So if I don’t have subtitutes for them, my TP will be overrated compared to what my heores can actually do. And I’ll be finding harder opponents.

Just one example. Melendor can heal and debuff (in this tournament he can’t heal, only debuff). Caedmon is also a 4* green, he can deal damage and debuff (in this tournament he can do both things). So team A lines up Melendor and team B lines up Caedmon and if both have the same team power, it actually will be team B stronger than team A because of Melendor being restricted on what he can do and Caedmon not.

But the ranking is based on the tournament rules so that fact should be taken into account

Thanks for that new clarification.

But still you don’t inform anything about special rules. If healing is disabled, are healers considered within the best 5 heroes?

Let me propose an absurd example to understand this issue:

Team A best 5 heroes are 5 Hawkmoons -> 2225 TP

Team B best 5 heroes are 5 Beliths -> 2225 TP

Hawkmoon special do nothing, Belith special can only debuff.

Are both teams going to find 2225 TP opponents?

I’m pretty sure the answer is yes (guessing on what you are not saying)

Ok so my tournament so far:

I went day 2 with a 2-1 record, adding that to my 2-3 start I got knocked out with a 4-4

As I said, having no healers makes the battle very dependant on the initial board. With a healer you can buy time to improve a bad board to a good one. Without a healer you need to charge specials immediately and take down opponents as fast as possible. Or you need to have plenty of tiles of the color you stacked to deal huge damage.

I liked participating under this new rule. Of course I didn’t expect to get all the way to day 4. Basically because I don’t have a single 5* hero so far. Still I enjoyed the challenge.

I’ll be waiting for the loot and looking forward for the next tournament. I’m still waiting to see a color restricted tournament (like no greens, only blues or whatever).

To anyone suggesting they don’t take healers into account, where exactly do you expect them to draw the line? Should Aegir be counted? Elkanen?

What about the other rules? Should slow heroes be worth more??

I’m suggesting that they do take healers into account (I’m guessing that a few posts up).

But if I have to answer your question: They could have a way to weight specials and calculate with that the power of the hero.

Aegir can bring the ability to heal 100% damage dealt by normal attacks. That could be a 20% of his power. So nullifing that ability, a 768 power Aegir could be valuated as 614 power.

We can do the same with Elkanen.

Yet again, I’m just guessing (and proposing a way to evaluate the loss of healing being disable).

Sounds complicated so my final guess is that the best 5 heroes are the best 5 heroes no matter if they are healers or not.

For this tournament, since 3 of my 5 best that qualify are healers I presume they count among my best 5, correct? Even though they are not nearly as strong as they normally would be due to bloody battle.

I’m not sure this changes anything from the rest of the game. The ones willing to spend gems on the tournament are the ones who spend to get gems anyway. I doubt many people will start spending on gems just to continue in the tournament.

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