🏅 [Apr 22, 2019] 3rd Raid Tournament! — 5* Bloody Battle, All Elements

I am also guessing the points you get will be lower based on the team power (tiered).

It is like fighting in platinum even if you can compete in diamond.
Rewards you get will also be platinum.

Yes, and I was fooled by that staff post. I put 2637 TP defense but I was attacked 3 times, all in the range off 3300-3600 (like my actual war defense which is 3311). I attacked 5 opponents in the range of 3200-3600.

I hope the staff can offer explanation why the matchmaking doesn’t work as written in the change log…


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yes I think it’s fair for your strength or for the power of defense … but the mistake how they can give the category E in the defense if only it was attacked 1 time. As can see if your defense and good or not with an Attack be it of victory or defeat … I speak for me and many Warriors we only had one Attack on defense letter And the worst as it can in a Attack know if the defense is good or not … good game

I asked for an update on the Change Log, and was told there were currently no new visible changes, but that they’re working on bigger changes that they hope to introduce with the next Raid Tournament.

So, basically…I have no idea where we’re at with how it works or is supposed to work. :man_shrugging:

But I do know however it’s working now, it’s going to change again.


I was told by @Wondermoose that it’s already like this since the previous tournament, see post 113

So it’s not really new changes…

Morning all, I double checked this from our developers and seems like there was incorrect information in the change log, it has been now corrected. Since previous Raid Tournament, this is valid:
“The difficulty of enemies that the players face at the beginning of the Tournament is now determined by the 5 best heroes in their roster.”


Thanks for the update, @Petri, that’s very helpful!


Best 5 heroes in their roster overall, ignoring tournament rules, or best 5 heroes within the hero * limits in a given tournament?


Thanks for the clarification.

This one need to be updated too.

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Within * limit as in the previous tournament we get first opponent based on our 5 best 3*.

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Oh, how the great apostle of MONO4EVA has fallen! Such a sad day… and welcome to 4-1 4EVA! One of my favorite configurations (when the right heroes are available).

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Today all my opponents were 4K+ and I managed to beat 4 of 5. They some kind of overcorrect it imo. 1 loss left now for two days.

Mother Norths meatshield even works well without healing. Paired with Buddy they’re a good team. Aegirs buff is nearly senseless witbout healung, since one only needs to fire tiles at him, until good colors appear. Debuff without hitting (Mele, Sabsi) work well against riposte, since all hitting debuffers except Burrito will suffer before, if every enemy had this buff.

Would be nice to know how matchmaking works in the tournament. Now only whales have a chance. Found it better with those noobs on the scoreboard.

Day 1 - Won 5 Loss 0
Day 2 - Won 3 Loss 2

Okay thanks. I was mainly wondering since my experience last time was a series of opponents with quite deeply talented 3s, and mine were just maxed. But it’s much the same this week, battling upwards.

I wonder how it affected defense counts.

After skipping the last tournament I decided to play this one. I’ll be skipping the next one. It’s not fun to be kicked out on the second day–I want to play! The difficulty ramp-up is absurd. I deliberately set my defense team about 200-300 points lower than what I attacked with so I could (hopefully) play longer than in the first tournament. NOPE. Same result as in the first tournament (and my team has been attacked ONCE). Can we PLEASE have different tournament levels available so everyone can play more than 2 days? Bronze, silver, gold?

The staff just clarify that your first opponent is not based on your defense team but 5 strongest heroes.


This third tournament felt completely different from the previous ones.

The Bloody Battle rule shows how important is a healer to extend the battle and try to fix a bad board to turn it into a better one. Without healers and with a bad initial board you are defeated for sure.

I went 2 wins and 3 losses on day 1. Still didn’t attack on day 2.

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I keep checking how far the mana for my healers is filled and what color I need to match to heal my hero’s.

Then checking and checking again, and notice that there are no healers :rofl:

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If it’s best 5 overall then I am at a disadvantage right off the bat in this tournament as 3 of my 5 best are healers. It would explain why I’ve been facing teams stronger than me for every match-up.

Edit: First day I was 3-2 attack, 1-1 defense. So far today 1-1 defense. All attacks on my defense had higher TP. All my attacks defense had higher TP. It also seems like yet again every time my defense loses I do not get attacked again that day.


Thanks for the clarification about the matchups. Most of us suspected that the matchups are made according to your best 5 heroes in your roster and it was true. So it doesn’t matter which defense team you line up.

2 things:

  1. COMMUNICATION!! Please SG hire someone with communication abilities! Make clear the communication ingame and outside the game. Players should not be guessing what the rules are!

  2. In my particular case, my best 5 heroes include Melendor and Boldtusk. With their healing abilities disabled, their power isn’t the same. But still they are considered my best heroes for matchup purpouses. I think this raises the difficulty for people with no depth benches.

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