[Apr 21, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I have a reasonable team shame they are all green and 1 purple.
Tib, Kadile, Caedmon, Buddy and Melendor all maxed. Used 3 time stops on the bosses. Zimkitha is growing.

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I think it’s still worth having the collapsing sections, but I’m unclear on whether that’s your main concern, or if you’re more concerned about data usage.


I think it went well with my team

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For level 3 I used +100 healing potions, +500 healing potions, some axes, & antidotes.

I had a much easy time this time because I had Alby this time around! *(I was stuck choosing from Brienne/Berden/Belith/Melia as my fifth hero previously.:upside_down_face: It’s because my Evelyn-2, Chao & Gadeirus aren’t at viable levels. Thankfully I consider all those 3 :star: heroes to be good heroes though! They all atleast contribute well before they die)

Alberich’s heal over time and mana regeneration really made the fight more enjoyable because I didn’t have to nuke the battlefield! :joy:
His resurrection wasn’t needed.

Full Team:

Alberich 3/70
Gandalf 4/70
Evelyn 4/80
Caedmon 4/70
Triton 4/70

One of my much more balanced class-trials teams.

Alby helped me keep the team alive and helped make the special skills go off quicker.

Gandalf helped keep the team alive. Usually, either He, Eve or Caed, were ready to dispell Brienne’s attack buff when she went off. A couple times they weren’t but that’s when I just tossed an axe to overwrite the buff.

Evelyn helped herself, caedmon, and the green tiles inflict more damage. She definitely made it go faster by inflicting damage to all 3 enemies at once. She helped everyone besides Triton survive since her elemental link recoverd over an entire quarter of health (w/ triton active) over 6 turns for all the natures. Always love how well it synergizes with Alby

Caedmon helped snipe damage the opponent of focuse of course. I’ll never stop loving that he’s the same speed as Eve! Triton assisted with sniping damage. It’s a good thing he’s such a good 4 :star: sniper since being blue his tiles were barley more useful than a wet pool noodle after Chao died.

Triton also helped keep the team alive. He’s amazing as usual. He makes swift-healers (%) like Gandalf heal up the team over like 50% it seems! Very ■■■-saving after Horghall went off immediately after Chao went off —since I didn’t have a defense buffer or turtle/dragon banners. He also works on stall-healers (H.O.T), which I didn’t realize until this trial! Alberich is supposed to regenerate everyone’s HP by 153 for 4 turns. When Triton’s buff was active he regenerated 212 HP for everyone w/o healing bonus troops. An extra 236 per hero!

With the Nature Trial healing team— Triton-Eve-Alberich-Mel it made the bosses not stand a chance of killing anyone. Definitely only bringing minor healing potions next time and some type of banner.

Ranger: Soon I’ll hit 50 and will be able to finance the continuation of Evelyn’s journey to become an Overpowered beast that when she’s combined with 2 other greens.

Druid: I plan to add them to the cache of Druid emblems that I have accumulated since classes were released, go back to sitting on them, and being too worried and reluctant to make a decision on how they should be distributed. Gotta keep a healthy mindset by taking a mobile game based on puzzles and pretty set as seriously as possible and ruminate about possibly wasted ham. :laughing:

Now that Aegir is a good tank, I really need an overpowered mono-green team. So I’m gonna sacrifice mr.trainer to Aife. Once I get her maxed I bet I’ll finally get to be the alliance war MVP when we fight ice-tank teams. I wonder if I’m truly worthy of her power though.

  1. A thought popped up that this trial must be exceptionally fast and easy for for people with the fire legendaries. (Khagan, Red, Zimkitty) + any allowed 4*/5* dispeller and it makes me even more jealous of people who were able to get Red and Zim. :sweat_smile:

2.Killed them off in this order: Chao, Horg, Bri. I feel like that was a stupid order. Probably should of went for Horg first.


All max, some with emblems…

Main account:


Alt account:


Both had no trouble at all.


I completed all three stages using this team:


Items used: 5 axes, 5 bombs, 2 dragons

Only minor changes since last time:

  • Lianna just ascended to 4-1, she was 3-70 last time… onward and upward!
  • Caedmon is a little further along the talent grid this time
  • I maxed Belith to use in the 3* tourney (she was 3-29 last time)

Last time, my team was:

  • Melendor 4^70+4
  • Tiburtus 4^70+5
  • Isshtak 3^50
  • Belith 3^50
  • Brienne 3^50

This time, I maxed Melia, giving me another hitter and some more color variety. Swapped her in for Brienne. Also, Tiburtus and Melendor gained a couple of talents each since last time. The first two stages went down relatively easily considering the relative weakness of my team and lack of hard hitters. I might have been tempted to try stage 3, but with a Collect Gems and a Mount Umber active, there were other priorities for that much world energy, and with three levels to go on Springvale advanced. I will save my carpet bombing munitions for that. Feed some ranger emblems to Tiburtus and move on this time.

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My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

I remembered antidotes this time, yay! :laughing:

The biggest difference is I swapped out 3-60 Chao for newly-maxed Gadeirus, whom I figured would be a better fit by increasing my green stack and elemental link with Evelyn, provide added healing plus an attack buff, and have a nice double synergy for defense and healing with family member Triton.

Apart from that, Melendor went from +6 to +12 (thanks, broken Tournament loot!), Evelyn stepped up once to +4, and I leveled my main Nature Crit troop more.

The Battle

The first two Stages were completely easy with this team.

For the third Stage, this team really tore through the regular monsters. Having a strong/neutral stack coupled with buffing and debuffing, and Triton’s fierce sniping made for easy progress.

The Bosses were similarly pretty straightforward, with a large amount of damage dealt just from initial specials and some green tile matches while Tiburtus, Gadeirus, and Evelyn were all active.

Having Melendor and Evelyn makes Brienne’s buff largely irrelevant and easy to clear repeatedly.

I used 2 antidotes along the way when Horghall fired, and 2 minor mana to top up Melendor once. I also used up my minor healing potions along the way…with over 3800 of those on hand, I’m not shy about popping them when needed.

By the end, the battle wasn’t even close, with my team at strong health.

Was It Harder?

Not that I could notice with this team. If anything, I may have had an even easier time.

Shiny New Emblems

Druid Melendor stepped up yet again to +13 (and almost +14), on his path to fierce attacker/dispeller who also happens to heal.

While Ranger Evelyn has gotten my Emblems previously, I’ve decided to keep my Emblemed 5* at +4 and focus on 4* instead for the Ranger, Sorcerer, and Cleric classes where I’ve previously used Emblems on 5*.

Triton is my next Ranger focus, but I came up short by 1 Emblem to give him an initial Talent node.

Bog Witch Stew

After many months sitting at 3-60, Skittleskull has become my current green leveling priority, and got a nice boost on progress from the 3* Trainer Hero.


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In the latest builds of Discourse, we now lazy load large images , no extra components or plugins are necessary. If you scroll really fast you’ll see a blurry low-res version of a large image as a placeholder. It’ll look something like this

It’s not just about your bandwidth, it’s about unnecessarily loading the server/CDN.(linky, linky)

As @falco linked above, the trend is towards more just-in-time asset delivery.



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I conducted a test, which demonstrates that while images are lazy loaded on scroll, collapsed detail sections count as “in view.”

  • I created a new post on an existing test thread in the Staff/Moderator portion of the Forum. The post was number 22, so it can be readily off-screen for lazy loading testing.

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So that is how to hide 20 char…

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Things you would have already known if you were friends with @Hrairoo (and had read the 90 posts of shenanigans about this).



Say what?



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No need to sweat. But you might need to perspire a bit with some of the shenanigans… :wink:


A notable difference between last time and this is that my Mel is now on his way to being maxed.
My Tibs is now 3/60 and i could have brought him for a rainbow, but i wanted the heal that Mel gives and Lianna.


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Actually you can hide more than that.

Usually after each [details=Click] or [/details] I add a description.

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