🔱 [Apr 2020] Atlantis Summon Results

Mitsuko on 5 coin pulls. Won’t be pulling anymore unless I get 100 coins. I won’t be using any gems.


I got a bunch of repeat 3*s and my first Gobbler with my saved up coins.

I know Gobbler has historically got a bad rap. But considering the increase in minion generating heroes that have been released much AFTER he came on the scene, is it worth taking a second look at him?


Did 4 pulls to test my luck .

Danzaburo (new but i dont like It . Id rather wilbur)
Mneseo X2

No more pulls until may .


12 pulls in total

2 free - mnesseus and namahage

10x with gems

Was looking for Proteus and Wilbur but ended with Alasie and Tarlak both new to me . Happy with the pulls.


I was looking for Alasie and Tarlak, but I got WIlbur and Proteus. let’s trade…

Should I keep my 3rd Wilbur, since he is one I may not get again? or are 2 enough? I definitely want 4 proteus, i will take 6 total.


On a off note. Just wanted to shout out for your awesome Analysis in your videos. Short but very informative.

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Had enough tokens to do 1 Atlantis pull and got Kiril. I have already got a bunch of him, he will get feed to Sonya who I got recently on a costume pull. I rarely have good luck with Atlantis pulls and so will not be purchasing any additional tokens.

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3* food plus Malosi, ten pulls… Happy with that :+1:

Would be nice to get Mitsy but we’ll see what AR coins manage (not expecting much).


Wow… Happy doesn’t cover it! Awesome luck there :slight_smile:


Had that same luck from Frida, @Nexus1254, then it started skipping all the good hero’s, Seshat, Vela but plenty of Grimbles and Margaret’s :joy:


I’m soooo happy.

Edit: twelve hour later, after reading quite a bit about her, I am getting curious to how she would do in my green team. Will at least get her to 3-70 in the near future


Congratulations Bro ! A 5* in a 10x pull . Someone had good luck here


Yeah at least I got someone to keep the bench warm


Hey @0zombiestomper, is that your 1st Wilbur? You recently pick the game up? If so that’s an awesome pull bro!!

Some solid 3* too and Margaret is more helpful than she seems. Just let her sit for now. Don’t start immediately leveling that 5*. That was my mistake, cost me over 3 months before these forums saved me

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I felt bad when i pulled aeron last AR. But i realize today that was better than nothing(what i got this AR hehe) a 5* is a 5*

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I was hoping for Tarlak cause I desperately need a green 5* (I have Kadilen but she sucks)

Got Wilbur, who is nice from what I keep hearing?


@PapaHeavy it is a nice 10 pull overall but I already have all those 3* and 4* so I fed them to someone else. Almost considered feeding maragaret too lol.

@suntanglory wilbur is definitely a keeper. Buff your def, debuf your enemie’s def


@RaVan I feel your pain. Malosi was nice, and Proteus/Wilbur if you didn’t have them already, but all in all, that was hurtful offering from the RNG gods.

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I did a handful of Atlantis coin pulls and got nothing. My hope was to get the HOTM, or Mitsuko.

Then a friend of mine did a 10-pull and got Tarlak, plus a couple of 4* dupes (but Grimm #2 was worth him keeping).

His luck then gave me the itch. I shouldn’t have, but I did a 10-pull.


  • Proteus… #5 - heh heh, I can’t seem to stop getting him! This is fine… I have two leveled to +19 emblems, a third at +16, and plan to keep on leveling them… with my Lvl 17 mana troop, they charge in 9 tiles at +19 and it’s invaluable for war!
  • Gobbler - eh… I already threw a couple of him away before, but maybe with the “minion meta” I’ll hold him on my roster for a little while just to see…
  • MITSUKO!! WOO HOO!! :smiley:

Up until the past week or so, my only 5* Red had been Grazul (maxed), and I was sitting on 13x Mystic Rings. About a week ago, I pulled Elena out of TC20, but opted to wait on her, since she is Slow speed - I swear, all this time I thought she was Average speed, even up until the moment I pulled her!

Now, Elena is still at 1-1, and she gets to stand in line behind Mitsuko! :wink:

Good gaming!


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