🔱 [Apr 2020] Atlantis Summon Results

Hey, tough luck. Definitely “ttong sone.”

It’s RNG but this might be helpful. Do a few pulls, if you get regular 3*, then stop and try pulling another day. There’s a belief that the pulls are streaky.
Idk if it’s true or not but one thing I know is taking a step back and letting your frustrations settle down will let you have a clearer head and possibly save you some money.

Sorry I’d give you a mitsuko if I could. Here’s something to share a different perspective. I’m not doing any pulls this AR.

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felt good about my luck and used whatever Atlantis coins I had. 4th pull brought me this beauty!



Great! It matches the word upon the results. Pure highlights!

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Four coin pulls. 3* food. 3* food. 3rd Wilbur. Then Mitsuko. Finally a 5* Atlantis/featuredHOTM.


Did 5 pulls with collected Atlantis coins I was searching most for Alasie and the fifth pull…

I was lucky and quite happy


This has nothing to do with forum, I was wondering if had idea why there was no Atlantis offer today? I wasnt sure where to post this question

Offers there; right on schedule :slight_smile:

Only one pull this month this month, as I’m saving my 10 pulls for Wonderland (yup, like I’ll be getting any White Rabbit or Jabber…) and saving the rest of my coins for next month for a chance at kage or, el effe, Gravemaster. Somehow, managed to pull a 5*, Marjana. She looks pretty nice on offense, though, not sure how quickly I’ll be able to actually make use of her as rare are those 4* AM… ;(

I have coins but I’m waiting for bext month when the POV summons quest/challenge is active.

Well… I guess I need to add sth… Got 100 coins, made another pool and a miracle happened! :man_shrugging:t2:



Lol. All very good. Just sometimes would just like more than a sample size. Can’t think of one right off the top of my head at the moment. But keep up the great content :sunglasses:

Not had much luck so far (vC2P so only a couple of single summons). Am short of a decent yellow project but just keep pulling Bane.

Late last night I quickly used up some WE on the hard levels and, despite being tired and sore (sciatica playing up) I managed to get up to 100 coins so, time for a pull!

My latest superstition is to get my cats to touch the screen and do the draw for me and Robbie got me Wilbur. Finally! :blush: Only ‘problem’ now is I have so many levelling options for most of my colours (so BT costume, or Anzogh or Lancelot or Wilbur or 2nd Hawkmoon for costume or …) In many ways I’m tempted to just save my gems/tokens/coins for a bit and just focus on levelling, except I’m in desperate need of a yellow project and, well, HOTM happens to be yellow this month.

At least Atlantis is giving me a ton of swords and kits so I’m taking advantage to get as much fodder as possible. Got to fatten up those heroes!

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I have never had a good Atlantis pull. I am playing now fit two years, got plenty of 5* heroes, but Atlantis had never been good to me.

Pulled Tarlak early this morning! Yyyaaaaayyy!!! :joy: Awesome! :heart_eyes: Woo hoo!! Let’s CELEBRATE!

Have just started Ranvir (don’t have Wu) and wondering if I should switch to Tarlak? Maybe I should continue working on Ranvir until I can fit Tarlak into my greens.

Also, in regard to green, I’m working on Telluria 3/27 and have Brynhild, Lianna and Heimdall (all 1/1) slated next in that order. Where would you put Tarlak? After Heimdall or somewhere in between?

Thanks :hugs:



I would. I have and use Ranvir, but if I got Tarlak, I think he’d be pretty much permanently benched.

As it is, I only use him on green, red, and purple Titans. And I do so with continual disdain for his misses.

I prioritize Titan teams, as they’re the best source of mats in the long run.

So I’d put Tarlak first.

Whether to take him to 3-70 or max immediately depends on the level of Titans your alliance is fighting, and the depth of your roster.


…continue some couple of gems pull before the portal closed.
plan only maximum 3xpull…
Li Xiu, Brianne, Sartana (my 1st),… because of that then one more… Melia :man_facepalming: but with bonus Malosi :sparkles: :muscle: will try with jackal combo.

So, not bad after around 15xpull on the 1st and 2nd day AR.


I now have Malosi! Ranvir is out now that I have Tarlak, but should I level Malosi or Mist first?

I ll go with Mist… easy and faster to lvl up compared to 5*


Thank you @MrThala :wink:

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Final results of this Atlantis:

Didn’t finish the Atlantean Drones mission, but am at 1942/2000, so next time should do it.

Managed to get enough coins for 2 pulls, got Muggy & Gill-Ra, my 2nd of each. Will hold for potential future use. Still have 73 coins towards next Atlantis, which is a few more than I started with this time. Farmed 4-3 almost exclusively.

Did get a couple more hard stages done, have 35 left to finish Season 2 in hard mode, but I’m not sure I can actually beat the end boss in hard.

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