[Apr 17, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Decimation Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Did the first 2 and were easy enough. I think i never did this one, I really dont remember, maybe the first time using a lot of items, after that i just did the first two stages.
The big difference now i got Boldtusk which showed up like two or 3 weeks ago; I was waiting for him; him, Wu and Rigard [on top of that Proteus and Wilbur] are the ones that dont wanna show up. Now at least i got Bold. Didnt had too much time to raise him because i was leveling other heroes, but he’s at a decent point.
Maybe ill try to squeeze the juice outta him before tonight to get a couple more levels and probably after that ill try do the last stage.

What do you think?

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I used similar teams in previous times Trials of Decimation happened:

Proteus is definitely a lot of what made those teams work well, but having the Boldtusk/Kiril combo definitely makes this one doable.

I’d just suggest bringing along some heavier attack items in case you get stuck and need to bomb your way to victory. Otherwise mana and healing can tide you over between times Kiril or Boldtusk are ready to fire.


Last time

This time. As you can see, i finished maxing Panther, Onatel and Zeline.
This seemed harder, but i forgot to bring in antidotes and the poison DOT helped kill off my heroes.
Seemed a lot harder this time. Could be in part that the board remained difficult.
This is probably my easiest trial and the only one i could use a full set of maxed heroes, but i left Proteus out cause i wanted the rainbow and his burn DOT.


Yeah very similar even if Proteus is definitely a game changer like any other mana controlling hero.
I just feel like i still dont have enough firepower. Ill see at what stage i can bring Bold till tonight and then decide if i should burn those 20WE. Thanks :wink:


Sartana 4/80+4
Kiril 4/70
Merlin 4/70
Magni 4/80+3
BT 4/70

Used a couple of Dragon Attacks on the last one, but probably didn’t need to.

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No problems beating this trial with my team. Lost Kiril, Isarnia and Colen in the end. I could have saved them with flasks but didn’t bother since I was winning anyway.


These are really my best trials. And most desired. 2 of my core all-use heroes belong to these groups.

Kiril 4.70 - Magni 4.80 + 4 - Zeline 4.80 + 3 - Boldtusk 4.70 - Proteus 4.70

No nukes needed. Couple minor heals to ensure survival of Kiril at one point. No other challenges.

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I didn’t use any items. Surprisingly the bosses didn’t do much damage with their specials. Boldtusk’s healing easily kept pace!


Last level: I tried with this team and items, and lost, Ulmer and Tyrum had both 1/5th health left. Used all the items. I want to try again, This is the best possible team I can make heroes wise. Anyone have any suggestions in change of items? I have basically any items at disposal. Thanks :slight_smile:

I would bring some attack items like Bomb Attacks instead of the Minor Mana potions.

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Since you already have three healers in your team, I would go with attacking items such as dragons, bombs etc. I would keep time stops to avoid the special attacks from bosses.

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Valens poison melted me down, but Proteus survied and made it.

Kiril 3.50
Kash 3.40
Proteus 4.70+8
Boldie 4.40
Colen 3.40

Trial with lowest item consumption for me.


Boldtusk+7-Lancelot (3/60)-Sartana+2-Hu Tao(3/60)-Kiril. Was a little harder I think…? I used Kashrek instead of Lance last time and probably should’ve this time too cuz he’s too hard to keep alive but I should have him maxed for the next one so that’ll help. Plus I should’ve put Kiril on the other side of him-I was still half asleep lol. Gotta say, Lance’s mana + buff is nice to have. Anyway used 2 Dragons, 3 bombs, 2 big mana pots and a few minor mana for Kiril. More items than I’d like but not too bad.

Boldtusk is now +9 and Sartana just needs a couple more emblems to be +3.

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Eventually, this is going to be one of my favorite trials, because it features both the king and queen of my roster - Poseidon and Onatel. But today is not that day, because my Poseidon is still a guppy! Additionally, my bench of fighters and wizards is pathetic; Boldtusk and Kiril are among my most wanted heroes (along with Rigard, which is obviously irrelevant to this trial).

Last time, my team was:

  • Onatel 3^70
  • Gato 3^50
  • Valen 3^50+11
  • Ulmer 2^22
  • Renfeld 1^17

(I mentioned my bench in these classes is terrible, right?)

This time, I went with:

  • Onatel 3^70
  • Gato 3^50
  • Valen 3+50+14
  • Ulmer 3^50
  • Poseidon 1^40

So basically, a little leveling, plus giving my baby Poseidon some work since drawing him last month. (Bonus: Having another fighter option let me feed Renfeld to Ameonna!) Literally my only other option for this trial is a Balthazar 1^12. The advantage I do have is that my team is 3 blue / 2 yellow, which is perfect for red / purple mob waves. Because of this, and some relatively favorable boards, I rarely had to use anyone’s special during the mob waves, allowing me to unload immediately on Elena in both of the first two stages. (Can’t have that reflect damage going off with no dispeller!) Turned out not to be an issue. With three fast mana heroes and Onatel for enemy mana control, none of the bosses actually fired anyway.

If my heroes were sturdier, I might attempt the last stage, but I don’t think anyone but Onatel would be guaranteed to get there alive, and it isn’t worth it to me to burn through the items necessary to try when I’d just get a few more fighter emblems to spend on Valen and some more wizard emblems to throw in the pile for when I max Onatel.

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Wizards and Fighters?!!? I think this is towards the top of the trails list for everyone’s favorite pairings.

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My team consisted of: Kiril, Boldtusk, Colen, Onatel and Hu Tao. Used only healing potion, mana potion and antidotes

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I’m impressed at what some of the teams were able to accomplish without needing many items. I felt very confident with my team and got close but needed to use all 5 bombs and 1 dragon attack when it started to go downhill. I killed Tyrum and almost got through Balthazar but Ulmer was still at like 40%.

Maybe when Merlin is finally maxed it will feel that much easier. My team:


This quest is totally broken for me (and i guess many others).
Wizard and fighters are very common, many powerful heroes and popular healers to pick for your team.

I prefered to use the last one.

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Team power 3345, 8 health potions, 2 small mana, 2 dragon attack, 1 bomb attack, beat it first time.


Witty banter between Ulmer and Balthazar, their bickering at one another reminded me of this timeless skit used during boy scout summer camps at campfires.

Ulmer: Me Tarzan!
Balthazar: No! Me Tarzan!
Ulmer: No!!! Me Tarzan!
Balthazar: No!!! Me Tarzan!
Oberon: Heeeyyy, you two, I am Jane…!
Ulmer / Balthazar: ………
Ulmer: points to Balthazar You Tarzan!
Balthazar: points to Ulmer No! You Tarzan!