[Apr 17, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Decimation Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The biggest change was swapping 3-60 Colen out for my second maxed Proteus.

Kiril also went to max, and Proteus Prime and Boldtusk each stepped up 3 Nodes.

I also leveled some troops a bit.

The Battle

The first two Stages were a breeze.

The third Stage went well too.

For the first half or so of the Battle, I managed to keep one Proteus charged all the time, so I could continually freeze the Bosses. Coupled with the double healers of Boldtusk and Kiril, it was looking for a while like I might make it through without using any items at all.

Eventually as the battle wore on, I had trouble keeping either Proteus charged up, so I used antidotes each time Ulmer or Oberon fired — ultimately 3 in total.

I also used 5 minor mana to top up Proteus or a healer when needed along the way, and I used up my minor healing to offset slash attacks and the Bosses wearing me down a bit.

Eventually Hu Tao died, but otherwise everyone made it through with nearly full health.

Despite needing some minor pots, this one was light on items for me — no heavy/high cost items needed.

I don’t really foresee anything I’d change for next time. Hu Tao is great for the blind, as are the doubles of Proteus and healing. My only other reasonable option would be a second maxed Boldtusk in place of Hu Tao, but I don’t think that would be an improvement.

Was It Harder?

It seemed a bit harder to me.

I may just not remember well, but I felt like the Boss slash attacks were pretty fierce this time.

It didn’t ultimately matter a ton, but I thought it seemed different at least.

Shiny New Emblems

For where Proteus and Boldtusk are in leveling, the Emblems from the Trials weren’t enough for another Node for either.

On the plus side, I got the :one: last Emblem I needed for Proteus later in the day, so he was able to step up to +10.

Ghosts Get Hungry Too

Ameonna enjoyed the snack, and I enjoyed the boost getting her farther along.

She’s destined for my holy titan team when she’s ready!