🔥 Apr-15, Easter Event 2019 / When is Springvale? What is the April Event Calendar? Is Guardians of Teltoc on April 11?- [Apr-15 per Dev post #169]

What will be the Easter event?

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The bunny rabbits of course


replay :slightly_frowning_face: could be something new

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No need to make new heroes imo.


Springvale is the Seasonal Event occurring over Easter.


I think that it would be nice if one or two heroes (3 and 4 stars mainly) would be added to the old events.


I have been storing some epic hero tokens for an event. To be honest, if they stick to the usual heroes for the next event, I will probably keep my tokens for the summer event… That means the heroes are not good enough, which doesn’t sound like a good think economically speaking for SGG. So, if I was them, I would either add some new heroes to attract spending or tweaking the current ones so people actually will try to get them.

Let’s see what they do!


Well, I was VERY lucky last year and pulled 4* & 5* wabbits from 1x10 pull…
Maybe they are not so good for today’s standards, but I love my Lepus and his finisher :smile:

Served me well in many, many raids and it was definitely not wrong decision to ascend him before Magni… :upside_down_face:


for me it is the worst event :pensive:


Rare and epic yes would be cool, legendary only if good as Lepus.

What i mean is: it is already a once in a year event, can’t become a once in a life chance to get that specific hero.


Yes, I totally understand your point and I can see the pain of people that already did xxx pulls if a new 5* would appear. That’s why I think that adding one or two 3-4 stars is the best idea.
Also, we already have two or three new 5* every single month (HOTM + Atlantis)…


what was the winter event in 2017?
I do not remember Mother :thinking:

@Szarlotka it was called Save the winter, there were no event heroes then, no difficulty choice, as far as I remember the final reward was a snowman avatar and telescope(?)

you’re right :+1::+1::+1::+1:
you have good memory :grin::clap::clap:


Anyone knows if it will be the same event as last year?? Springvale???

When will this event come out? March or April? Last year we got it at March while the Easter is at 1st April, but this year Easter is at 21th April, will this event come at April?

Just to refresh this topic i also wonna know when will it start??

I love my Squire Wabbit and i would like to get Master Lepus too. I need a blue five star. I have only Aegir at the moment but he’s not the one i need… will most likely try to summon Lepus.


I want the Monty Python Rabbit added…

Weak against holy, very fast

Special : x% chance a random enemy runs away

The previous event hero’s would fit nicely in TC20 as is ; if refreshed with new for 2019

I thought I might be missing something - but they seem a bit …underwhelming in 2019?


What if I answer all questions right? Will it let me pass and I win the fight? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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