[Apr 14, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Piety Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Got through the 3rd stage. I got the bosses down to ~50% HP, but then my team was getting low on HP as well. Used all axes and fire bombs and some mana potions on Leonidas to kill the fat man before he could heal again.
Trainer hero is going to Rigard. I loose some exp that way, but the only yellow I still need to level is Hu Tao…

I should have replaced Boril. Riposte doesn’t do anything against these bosses, especially with Wilbur’s spirit link

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I completed the 3rd level of the quest with the same team as last time. I’m not sure if it was significantly harder, it was simply very hard for a team of 4-star classic hereos using mostly tile damage to kill the bosses.

This video jumps straight to the boss wave.

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My squad is kinda pitiful in this piety trial. :zipper_mouth_face:
Did the first 2 and im out.

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2 clerics and 3 monks walk into a bar…

Significant changes this time around, as Wu got the hook for babby Tarlak, and my 3.60 Agwe was replaced by Valeria.

These changes made for a significant damage increase, primarily as a result of Tarlak’s buff. That buff also helped keep folks alive in the final encounter, as I was able to heal through the counter-attack damage. Wilbur’s defense and spirit link we’re also invaluable, helping to spread the damage around to maximize the healing efficacy. I used one bomb and 10 minor healing potions, and the bomb wasn’t especially necessary. Valeria did siphon off some of Tuck’s healing, but I can’t speak to how pivotable that was in winning the fight.

The emblems are going to Ma North and to Tarlak (eventually). The 3* hero will probably go to a hero I’ve not pulled yet.


Team i used for final level. I used Kunchen in first 2, but didn’t want to take a slow healer in this time.

I used a few potions and also all axes and all bombs. Used just one Dragon cause those buggers are expensive!

I didn’t finish all levels last time.

Last time my Boril wasn’t at 3/60 yet and i used Friar Tuck instead of Wu. My Wu last time was somewhere in the 3rd tier.

Yes, Rigard. Li Xiu will be my next maxed yellow. I think I’m going to do that before i take Poseidon to 3/70. Boril isn’t really fire power, but his riposte kills baddies and bosses!

Yes. I’ll have him maxed by next cycle. I think i need to put him on my titan teams.

Right now I’m saving all 2* and up trainers.


There are a few successful strategies to this trial but i will only discuss the last stage as the first 2 are a joke.


That being said -

Strategy 1 - snipers and 1 healer then a bunch of healing potions, mana potions, and revive scrolls. They each have a bunch of life but if you have 4 snipers charged going into the wave then that is 1 boss dead, charge up with mana and that is and that is a second boss dead, the 3rd boss should go down pretty easily after that and you might have to make a few matches.

Strategy 2 (my fav) - 3/1/1 setup with color stacking and heavy heals. Don’t forget 3 stacks of healing potions and 1 stack of rwvive scrolls. 2 hansel, 1 Mn/albi, joon, and Aeron/kitchen. The strategy seems pretty straight forward with keeping your heroes alive with healing and revive (save the scrolls for mn/albi) fornas long as it takes to let the mana effect from hansel kill friar/get those green tiles and then occasionally nuke with joon - rinse/repeat x3.

Strategy 3 - items, use some strong specials/color stacking and make sure everything is charged before the last wave starts - axes, bombs, dragon attack then a few specials = GG

Strategy 4 - use those continues (this strategy is not ideal) apparently SG values emblems at 75 gems per 10 emblems so plan accordingly.

Startegy 5 - MORE ITEMS!!! - time stops and tornadoes are boss killers - don’t forget that time stop makes them loose 100% mana so use it when they are almost charged.

Strategy 6 - take a page from the ucla/dator event strategy and just keep trying until you get that rng crazy unbelievable board.

Hope these help and i recognize that doing the final stage with maxed 3* as your team is really hard but not impossible.


First trial completed without a single item, but was a grind of 68 minutes. I don’t have a single hitter beeing monk or cleric…

Just came from my 8 hrs early shift and had to try hard not to fell asleep with the phone in my hand. Two times I caught up myself with closed eyes for a few seconds :see_no_evil:


Just throwing tiles is annoying for more than 10 minutes. Cleared the watchtower right before and right after the battle. Easy trial, but boring long…


Here’s my team. No items used. Wilbur’s spirit link was a life-saver against Boril!

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I can only imagine. Last time Elk was not buffed and I had Agwe in and it took me something like 10 minutes to kill Vivica in the second fight.


Man, this trial was a bit of a rollercoaster. I forgot how slow things go with full rainbow teams…

Me last time: wow I must’ve been hard up for… anything really. Double Bane ftw?

This time, though my items were minor healing and the nukes:

Got to the final level with almost a full Thanos. Neat. Wu Kong wasn’t ready which kinda sucked, especially since he almost died after I’d burned all my healing potions, and Rigard wasn’t ready to dig him out.

Was able to activate Wilbur and Wu Kong and blew the board… Then Boril activated…

Okay… screw it. Nuke it from space.

idk, maybe if I’d brought different battle items, I would’ve been okay. Rainbow teams suck compared to stacks. #neveragain


That team should be enough to make it through and then nuke them from orbit with battle items.

If you want to try to play through without a ton of heavy items, you’ll need to keep Wilbur active, and Li Xiu firing often. But without any heavy hitters, it would be a long and very hard battle. I think the item nuking approach would be more practical.

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I went in with Valeria, Wu kong and Boril maxed ( Boril with 7 emblems Wu with 6 ) and had to round out the Team with Valeria 3/60 and a maxed Hawkmoon as healer.

Used lots of small healing and mana poitions and 4 timestops and 4 dragon attacks.

Unfortunately Wilbur has to wait until Mariana is finished. ( in her last lap )

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The third stage ended up being pretty depressing. Hawkmoon is so fragile that I got knocked out of having healing other than potions. I was forced to use a continue despite having a nearly ideal team (except for Hawkmoon).


That’s a bummer, but congrats on finishing. :slight_smile:

I completed all three stages with this team:


Items used: 4 axes, 4 bombs, 1 dragon

Significant changes from last time:

  • Kunchen was higher level (4-5 now, 3-37 last time)
  • Hatter was higher level (3-17 now, 2-40 last time)
  • I left 4-63 Wu Kong at home and brought 4-48 Li Xiu instead

Overall, this was a pretty easy one - keeping Boril’s counterattack running and alternating Kunchen and Rigard to keep everyone healed, and then on the bosses, having Hatter steal the buffs - everyone on my team was covered with Riposte at some points. :wink:

I decided to try the final boss fight with minimal item use, and they managed to kill Hatter, so then I threw axes, bombs, and one dragon and then when it was only Friar Tuck left, I just chugged along and picked him to death.

I think this was my strongest showing in a trial, the others feel harder to get the team to survive through to the final boss fight, this one I just methodically worked through the minion stages, keeping everyone healed up and letting them kill themselves off the Riposte.

REWARDS: Kunchen is looking forward to those Cleric emblems… oh wait, bad news, Kunchen, those are going to Hansel when he hits max. :wink: Sorry bud!

Good gaming!


Last time Leo was 3/70
Wilbur had less tokens
Bit harder with rainbow team had to bomb mr Tuck


Cheers for the advice, I managed to complete it. I couldnt really keep up very well in terms of damage verses Friar Tucks healing, very slow, so its lucky I brought in time stops :slight_smile:

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I had no problems at all in between kunchen and Wilbur Hansel and boril I didn’t need to use hardly any items just at the end I fired a few bombs and dragon to save time

I was really low on items between event and rare titan lol but it was easy !! Healing with kunchen and keeping righard as backup and always fire kunchen before Wilbur - defence special overwrites !! Hansel to keep friar from healing no worries about boril as I always had a healer ready to fire so counter attack wasn’t a problem funny enough if they placed boril in the centre it would have been much harder cause meanwhile c at was active I just hit Joon :wink: !!

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Congrats on making it through!

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