🔵 [Apr 12, 2020] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My team this time:

  • Thorne 4^80
  • Wilbur +20
  • Li Xiu +20
  • Chef Boldtusk +20
  • Cyprian +13

I said last time that I needed to shake up my team, because the one I used didn’t work very well. Didn’t know then that I would be blessed with Chef Boldtusk, who I immediately maxed. I swapped out Sonya for him, since I wondered whether dispelling the enemy spirit link part of Wilbur’s special was actually a bad idea. Also didn’t feel particularly good about Leo’s performance last time, so I tagged Li Xiu back in. I went attack path with her emblems, so her tile damage is significantly better than his. Finally, Wilbur is up 6 talents and Cyprian is up 5 compared to last time. Shakeup indeed.

Tough to tell how much of my improved performance was due to really good boards (which I had) and how much was due to having a better team (which I also had). Regardless, this went WAY better than last time. I really expected to be tapping Chef Boldtusk’s heal a lot more often during the mob waves, but it was only necessary once. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged, and yellow and blue diamonds on the board, which was pretty sweet. Incredible how much of a beating these bosses can take, though. Thorne’s special with defense down, riposting Joon’s special… just seemed like nothing made too big a dent. Still, I got a steady diet of on-color tiles and was able to keep the passive specials up consistently. Next thing I know, I’m blasting Joon and Justice both into oblivion with tiles. Richard managed to kill Thorne, but blew himself up on riposte in the process. Holy cow! Did I really not use any items this time? I really didn’t; not even a healing potion. Pleased as punch to have added Chef Boldtusk and Wilbur to my monk stable.

Paladin emblems take Cyprian up a node. Wilbur got his last node on a previous stage, so monk emblems go into storage for Wu Kong, I guess. It’s between him and beefing up Bane again. Trainer hero to Vivica.


Same team as last time. I really wanted to get Telluria into this lineup, but I could not decide whom to drop. :thinking:

On the bench: Valeria 1 and 2, Wu, Falcon, Frida 3.70, Wilbur 2, Cyprian, Li, Jabbar, Iron Chef BT, KISS Army Tibs, Sonya 1 and 2, Telluria, Sumle

Got to the bosses without issue, and unleashed everyone. Then the red tiles vanished, causing Wilbur’s buff to drop.

I ended up trading Queen for Joon. Oops. I stubbornly refused to use items, which cost me Tarlak.

It was an ugly win, but I will take it.

Trainer to Wollerton, emblems to Joon and Telluria.


I’m dangerously close to leveling up. If anyone knows how much experience you get from the third stage, I’d build several churches in your name. :innocent:


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Dunno if someone answered but:


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Trying out removing Arthur for Costume BT… Ended up being easy peasy… Good board maybe…?

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Autoplay sorted out the first couple rounds as usual

*Final Battle - Trials of Justice 12th Apr


  • Reset Token = YES
  • Paladin Emblems = 59 / 50 for Arthur Node 12
  • Monk Emblems = 103 / 125 for Drake Fong Node 10
  • Trainer = Fed to Mist (now 4/43)


This was always a slightly trickier one for me, without a healer.

Now, it’s a piece of cake.

Emblems are banked. Not enough to take Telluria to +4, nor Joon to +7.


Got Telluria to +8

Team used:
Telluria - LiXiu - Wilbur - Sonya - Justice

With Telly onboard, it was the easiest trials ever :smiley:


Forgot pic of team last time, but here’s what I used before swapping Wu for C. Tibs.

This time I used a different approach.

Now that Telly is maxed, she’s doing well to keep the team healed. I still used a few items, but not bad at all.

Emblems saved for now, but might take C. Gunner to +18 when I replenish my food. Trainer went to Mist, bringing her up to mid third tier. Thanks for another reset SG!


The team

The reward

I keep the trainer . Emblems go to joon and im keeping paladin ones to give to a possible clarissa


Wilbur+18 - Justice+7 - Telluria - Tarlak+7 - Joon+4


Mobs harder than bosses. :rofl:
Nice clip.