[Apr 10, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Survival Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

NOTE TO FUTURE SELF: when you remind everyone else to bring Antidotes, you should remind yourself too. :roll_eyes:

The big changes for me were swapping out Kelile and 3-60 Scarlett for nearing-max Gormek and Grimm #2.

It’s really quite the Pulverizer Party.

Other changes include a step up for Scarlett from +5 to +7, and a big leap for Grimm from +3 to +7.

Plus some troop leveling, as usual.

The Battle

The first two Stages were pretty uneventful, with no items needed, and only one hero lost along the way.

The last Stage was straightforward to get to the Bosses, and I went in with all specials charged plus a diamond on the board.

I was able to do quite a lot of damage just off the specials and tiles initially. And with the defense debuff in place and the double blue/double red stack, tile damage went well.

Little John did a nice job as usual slowing mana gain, plus giving some nice smacks.

Toward the end, the board had built up a lot of junk tiles as I’d worked out matches I needed, so I used a Time Stop to give myself space to clear them out.

Unfortunately, Azlar fired at the end of that, and I hadn’t brought antidotes.

That proved not to be a giant deal, since they were near death anyway. I used some extra minor healing pots to keep afloat, and continued on. By the end I’d used most of my minor healing, but still had a few left.

At the very end when Nashgar was dead and Scarlett and Azlar were close, I decided to use one more Time Stop for safety to finish them off with tiles and some skill hits.

On the whole, it was a pretty easy battle, and a fun one with a pile of heavy hitters.

Next time I definitely don’t need the Dragon Attacks and Bombs, so I’ll bring regular healing and antidotes instead.

Was It Harder?

I’d say slightly.

The extra HP definitely made a bit of a difference at the end, since they would have died a little sooner. It would have saved me the second Time Stop at least, since Azlar would have been dead by the time I used it, and I wouldn’t have worried about Scarlett with 400ish HP left to finish off with tiles and maybe a special skill hit.

But it definitely wasn’t a huge difference.

Shiny New Emblems

Scarlett went to +8, sticking to an attack priority path.

Grimm unfortunately can’t go anywhere just yet.

Trainer Heroes is People!

Gormek The Hungry got a little snack…and is already hungry again.