🔵 [Apr 01, 2020] Trials of Decimation Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My team this time:

  • Poseidon +6
  • Onatel +7
  • Kiril +20
  • Boldtusk +20
  • Proteus 4^50

Compared to last time, Poseidon is up two talents, Onatel is up 1, and oh yeah, I’ve been leveling this Proteus character that I (finally!) drew last Atlantis. He’s in for Colen 4^70.

My first real opportunity to play around with Proteus. I checked the stats, and he is less squishy at 4^50 than Colen at 4^70, and his DoT is about the same, so I thought it was a good time to get his fins wet. It’s funny how you get used to going about a trial one way, and when it gets shaken up, you notice. I found myself expecting red tiles to do more damage because I’m used to having a 2-2-1 team. Not an issue, though, as the boards were just ridiculous throughout. Diamond after diamond after diamond. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a yellow diamond on the board.

I basically had my pick of the bosses with this setup, so I went after Oberon, because DoT is annoying without a cleanser. Fired Kiril, Proteus, and Poseidon, since Onatel and Boldtusk would have been redundant. Popped my yellow diamond, charged Poseidon again, and unleashed another pitchfork of doom on Oberon. Created a purple diamond for three more turns of mana block goodness from Proteus, and by now, you’re figuring out how this worked. There was not a single turn where either Proteus or Onatel was not keeping the bosses from gaining full mana. Oberon went down first, then Balthazar, and then Ulmer, who had the most mana of the bunch, and still wasn’t half full. I mean, you guys told me, but you really have to experience for yourself how good Proteus is in these situations. I could have come completely without battle items and never known the difference. Unreal.

Emblems from a previous stage took Poseidon to +6. Wizard emblems in storage for Proteus, probably, since I expect I’ll need him to be heartier for epic event tier stuff. (Plus, Onatel is on a node that requires 125 emblems!) Trainer hero to Proteus, of course!


Merlin 3-60, kiril max, guenievre+10, Kingston +10, JF 3-70
Used 5 healing potions to keep that weak merlin alive


Agreed Yunan is solid, makes the green tiles as well as the DoT useful against Ulmer in this trial.
My choice of Delilah is just for the meat shield.

:grin:By the way, I am still having a hard time getting his special up, and a little let down on his ability to receive damage from Holy element even while in dare ghost mode, but then you are absolutely right, he is more useful than the Ghost girl, on offense his random damage dealing in dire ghost is fun to watch.


One more trial I was able to finish which indicates my teams are getting stronger.


Boldtusk +20
Proteus +7
Melendor costume +14
Sartana +13

Easy victory. Used a couple of bombs and dragons but that was just because I had too many.


This trial is an easy one as it gives you healers and variety of attacking heroes.

I played with

Anzogh 3.70, Isarnia + 9 +costume, Sir Lancelot, Elena 4.80, Kiril +8

Minor potions were used (not all of them).


Here we go!


Feel like people aren’t gonna believe me but I got hella lucky (really lucky, double hit on my 3 stars from mob and they might have died) and beat all 3 levels with 2900TP - used items for last level yes haha.


Did this across three profiles. Main did all three stages w/out continues. Did the first two stages with 1st alt and 2nd alt.


On the third stage I swapped out Ulmer for Panther who ended up eating the trainer at the end. Between the attacks missing and being softened up with Kingston. Everyone lasted pretty darn long except for the last 5 turns. Panther bit it first because she wasn’t maxed. She was at 3-20. I just wish I had Joon’s costume to stack with Hu Tao for this one. Anyway, Sumi is at +12 and wizard emblems are being stored for now.

1st alt:

Yeah don’t exactly have a heck of a lot of good blues. But just did the first two stages. The emblems are being saved for now.

2nd alt:

This one is blue heavy. Helped in dealing with Elena. Only did the first stage cause Kiril is so low. Other wise if everyone was maxed or at +15, then I would have gone for the third stage. Emblems are being stored here too.


This was the team i used this time .
My kiril was banched and i went kashhrek instead to empower or stack green tiles


This time I added Panther and Fenrir to my team, and thanks to Proteus for doing his magic on the bosses , the fight was pretty easy… didn’t even use any of my battle items. :upside_down_face:


Agreed @Oliz, I don’t like that holy can’t hurt him in ghost form but I guess it’s a trade off for his damage per turn.
I wish he could get mana in ghost form too. That would help quite a bit. But he’s better than I expected anyway. I only leveled him because I liked his design.


Wow!! Well done @Itty!! Very impressive, but I don’t think it was all just lucky. You see using your hero’s right too.
@Aunty_Krauser, check out this certified badass!!


Team last time

This time I swapped in G. Panther at 4/70ish for Melendor. Lost Boldy before the end, really bad board for reds. Panther did her job though and made it pretty easy to cut them down.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Panther who should be finished in the next day or so. Nice to have another reset emblem, thanks SG!


I dropped Proteus gasp for Sunny Joon.

On the bench: Magni, Poseidon, Panther, Elena, Hu Tao, Sumitomo, Lancelot, Boldtusk x2, Sartana, Victor, Merlin, Proteus x2, Gandalf, Colen, Onatel 2 3.70, Kiril, Kingston 2 3.70

No issues with getting to the bosses, fully loaded.

One by one, they fell.

Until there were none.

Trainer to… Bjorn? Really? Emblems to Onatel and…maybe Elena.


Just under 3 hrs left, I doubt I will be attacked or move down now, so…

Day 4 - Overall:
Offense: 16-4 (1x Gem continue)
Defense: 4-2 (Grade A - not been attacked for 1d)
Score: 12,324 (including defense 900)
Top 1%

My biggest want for the rewards is as many tokens as possible, be it EHT, ETT or just regular, ready for POV - of course EHT is preferred.


Próby pogromu / Trials of Decimation


My future is suddenly becoming clearer… Dispellers and cleansers seem to be an oncoming theme!

Edit: Hello Poland!! (?).:+1:


Hi @ColdHands, there is similiar graph on every trial quests, check this out:
:superhero: Memento Heroes Classes and Class Trial Quests
Look at post number 2.

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I know, but without HP so I added my version.

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