Appreciation for Clash of Knight Graphic Arts Design


感謝您為遊戲設計出這些角色… 順道一提, 您設計的角色裡面我只抽到Chakkaszrot.


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Simply love the art of CoK… and also the heroes that move when I click on their actual pic.

Captain Rayne is my favourite…

Yes i agree 100% very beautiful characters… i hope i got some of them :sweat_smile:

When you start working on the characters, do you know already what color/ element they will be or their specials?

Wowsers - these are so good!!!

Rayne and Quintin are particularly gorgeous. In a different style, Ludwig is a fantastic design as well. Kudos to @BaiMingCG, Magni and Nashgar wish SGG had met you earlier. :joy:

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Uhm… I’m sensing a trend. It’s almost like these are some of the best artworks in the game. Slayers of Fell Shadows and League of Villains would like a discussion with you.

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Oh how I hate artworks of Slayers and Villains! In my opinion they are really bad and I don’t even want to pull in those portals, but heroes of CoK are gorgeous. I love wolf-like and raven-like costumes/armours.
Thank you @BaiMingCG for them!

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They are terrible. Cathal and Asterius make my eyes bleed. And I still have Edd induced nightmares. :joy:

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拿到SG文案的时候,只能知晓大概的职业与配色选择 :grinning:,不过也不是完全确定的,SG也会根据我设计的草图来调整这些英雄之后的走势。
(When I get SG copywriting, I can only know the approximate occupation and color matching choice: grinning:, but it is not completely certain. SG will also adjust the trend of these heroes according to the sketches I designed.)



Thanks! It’s good to know this, that (at least in your case) there is an intended match between the element and skill of the hero and their design

I remember in beta feedback we were saying all 2021 hotm artwork is really good :relaxed: Hero special skills are not that great. COK hero’s artwork is amazing. I really liked wolfgang artwork and got him in last alliance quest event :relaxed:Thanks @BaiMingCG for these awesome artworks.


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