Appreciating the under-appreciated (sound FX /animation)

Positive feedback is always fun…

What I love about the game (kudos to you at SGG):

  • excellent character design (the latest is consistently as good as prior)

  • the special skills animations


…so many good animations.

  • the under-appreciated Sound Design

Have you paid close attention to the sound fx? Whoever is handling this part of game design … you made me laugh a few times so kudos,

What’s your favorite sound fx or animation?


I wish I could justify giving Grimble some tabards, because the animation of him riding the goat across the screen and bashing everyone is priceless


Did grumble help at all for undead horde war?

I think grimble isn’t too bad on offense anymore with today’s minion meta. I think Anchor even graded him A for offense or at least A-. The mana gain can be quite helpful…

I like the black knight taunt also.

Grimble has the funny goat sound fx


I agree. Game has beautiful graphic exceot I dont like lady of the lake coz its not like others in visual.
Sounds and music are great.
Little things like waving and waterfall sounds and all make this good.
There could be a bit more to do in base like U could choose colors, do something with citizens but game is awesome in many ways. good feedback is valuable and I think its also welcome to sgg. Coz most of the players just whine about all. But something drives them to play and continue so keep up the positive feeling and share ur thoughts what makes this game better than any others :slight_smile:I do love this game in many ways.

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Is this about heroes, or game features?

As for the features themselves…

I like the Costume Chamber. IMO, it’s one of the best features they’ve added to the game in as long as I can remember. Only takes a few keys to “buy” a summon, and the keys themselves are not that hard to come by. And the costumes themselves - even when they look a bit ridiculous, between the costume bonus and the alternate special skill set - they can literally turn a :poop: hero into a “hey I might actually end up using this hero!” kind of hero.

Total game changer for the vanilla set. :+1: :+1:


They are work very hard without getting anything from SG except a title under their name :roll_eyes:


Me encanta Grimble montado en la cabra heimdall la burla de caballero negro el poder de Nornas y el golpe de Bane …y de los de hallowwwn me gustan todos por su gráfica en especial Frank

My favorite animation is Jabberwock. Grimble is a close second.

While I would still prioritise some of the really amazing purples, Grimble is actually very underappreciated. I’ve not regretting maxing mine if you know how to use him he can be great, especially in that undead hoard war. Still true he’s niche and I’m not using him all the time, but he’s great at what he does

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completely agree with these!

I especially love the battle music for the Halloween event.

The graphics are certainly delightful.

I also like that I can sometimes leave the game in the middle of a battle (even a raid) and come back a couple of minutes later, and my progress is saved. useful when a sudden call comes in or i have to get off the subway or something.

  1. You can get anything in this game without spending a penny. Progress will be slow but you can get evetually.

  2. I like how some heroes hit me like : ursena, kage and alfrike.

I appreciate some of the humor they throw in there. BK’s “just a flesh wound”. Francince’s scissor charge attack. Quality stuff!


The music is honestly, quite impressive.

I’m sorry, I was trying to hold myself back from replying to this. But no. This is 100% false.

Unless you expect to live to be 200 years old (and expect the game to last that long as well). And even if you do, they will have released roughly (at least) 1000 more new heroes by then.


The bosses in the Christmas event all summon minions. Grimble will be useful there

I have some very nice T-shirts and other mementos from SG. That’s all I’ll talk about, as I don’t think the role of “volunteer” requires anything more in way of compensation (whether it’s been given or no). SG is not a mercenary company; those that get to know them, know this very well. :slight_smile: :+1:

I’m very fond of the game, the players, and those I’ve come to know in SG. Surprise! :grin:


Muggy sound effect is a riot.
Seshat so over the top.
Gato sounds like my phone is broken lol.


Any sound fx or animations u prefer ?

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