Apple x Android Devices - Without having access to the game

Hello all

I was playing the Empires&Puzzles game in my iPad. Yesterday, it completely crashed and there is no way to bring it back to life. The problem is that was the only Apple device I had and I cannot connect to my Game Center to try to move the game to an Android device.

I already checked the Apple support pages and there is no way to connect to Game Center using other devices (Windows, Android, etc).

By any chance, is there another way I could use to have access to the game in my Android phone?

Please help me!


Only way is to have access to another Apple device. Reformatted so that you can set it up under the Apple ID you used for your deceased IPad.

Once that’s done, then you download EP app. Go through start tutorial etc, then connect to game centre. That should bring your account back.

From there, you can export link to android phone.

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Got it. So, I need to find another Apple device. Thanks!

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Check with friends for older Apple devices still supported by this game. There could be some lying around pending trade in or exchange.

Borrow for a bit. Get everything sorted out. Return and thank your friend nicely.

Saves you $$$$