Apple costs more

All prices are more expensive via iphone. Same country and same current location. Wtf ?

749 for android
and 899 for iphone

Prices in russian rubles, 1 usd = 79 rur

Similar problem happens on other games (never had an Iphone so i cant say anything about Apps that aren’t games), the justification gave by the other game’s developers is that Apple has a 30% commission on in-app purchases, that is directly passed to the costumer.

Here’s a link to check more in depth analysis:

2 years old article, i think this is not the cause.

Apple announced three days ago that they’re going to increase their pricing in various countries, including Russia.

So, since i was bored and have time i did some numbers and got this (kinda useful to know on other offers if interested):

A = base number before the commission factor (how much it actually costs);
B = commission by google;
1,3 = the 30% Apple charges as commission on all apps purchases;
899 rubles = This specific offer;

A*1,3 = 899; so A= 899/1,3
A= 691,538462

So to discover how much Google charges for this in-game purchases i used the base number (A) times (B) equals to the offer.

691,538462 * B = 749 B = 749 / 691,538462

Apple charges 30% commission and Google 8% wich means in this offer you are paying:

(749 - 691,538462) = 57,46 rubles directly to google ( 0,72 US dollars).

and (899 - 691,53) = 207,46 rubles directly to Apple ( 2,62 US dollars).

Sorry for the terrible explanation but this it, i guess.

This is an issue, which comes up on a constant basis…

Apple automatically adjust prices when conversion rate changes, google doesn’t.
See here the comments of SGG earlier:

And every year we have such a discussion and frustration. Last time the Android prices were adjusted it let to a doubling of in-app purchase price in Turkey, which caused a lot of frustration.

Generally speaking from the App /Play Store Logic: The Apple prices are the ones, that SGG wants to charge, the Google prices differ until a conversion rate update is forced.

And SGG already picked up on the current issue and will adjust the google price accordingly…

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