Appearance rates

I think it’s time to raise the chance to get 5* heroes because the amount of 5* raises constantly and the game has around 200 5* heroes now, but the chance is too low.

Last 5* hero I’ve received at summer 2021, but I use a lot of summons, including x10, and I receive more heroes from the camps than from the gates. I’ve summoned x10 and 4 single on the current event and I’ve received 13x3* heroes and 1x4* hero, and moreover I already have all of them.

So, my offers are:

  • increase the chance to get 5* heroes in all summons;
  • add the insurance to x10 summon: if you don’t receive 5* hero after 9 calls then you’ll get 5* hero on last attempt with 100% guarantee;
  • maybe add new token, which can be used in any gate and will give one of 5* hero in this gate;
  • add the insurance from double heroes (3* and 4*): if you have the X level hero then the chance to summon him again should be lower. For example: the gate gives the X% chance to get 4* hero and then if this chance worked the game chooses the 4* with Y% chance to find unique hero;
  • increase the chance to get 5* heroes for old events.

I know that the devs don’t want to give many heroes to all players, because they must earn money, otherwise the game will be closed, but just get the hero – is even not half of success, because the player has to upgrade the hero and this action demands a lot of time and resources, but keep playing for the leveling much more fun than for unsuccessful attempts in the gates.

The motivation to buy decreases with each unsuccessful purchase of x10 summon, but If I had heroes to leveling and if there will be lower-cost packages with resources for leveling then the motivation to buy these package will be much more higher.

I agree with you but make those numbers bigger. 100th pull from a portal guaranteed event 5* hero


I agree with tou… The 5 status heroes até very difficult tô obtain…


Maybe. The values are just as examples, the final values should find the devs.