Appearance rates % are now visible in the game - whats your thoughts?

Hi guys,

For the first time i noticed the appearance rates % on the summons page (little i in the corner) on the summon page

The appearance rates of rare, epic and legendary heroes are shown in the screenshots i took below, i just wondered how do peoples stack up compared to this? This isn’t a complaining thread but i’d just be interested to see if people are generally getting this amount or over or under? I feel hard done by sometimes but understand how chance works! lol

It would be good to see the appearance rates shown on tier 3/4 ascension items, for me this is a welcome addition but still work to do.

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I think it’s great. I also think it’s outrageous how much they charge for a pull–300 gems!

Same here, it’s annoying when your F2P and taking weeks to get 300 gems together to then get a 3 star hero. I’ve never had a bonus hero yet!

I have a level 20 training camp so I can just Farm Heroes with a Chance of legendary.

I have one 5* hero, three 4*, 6 rare in about 10 attempts


that’s good going, i’m nearly at level 20 stronghold but my highest TC is only 13

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