Appearance Rate Definition

Has SG posted an official definition for “Appearance Rate” ?

Or has this topic been discussed somewhere else in the forums? I tried searching for “Appearance Rate Definition” already.

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What do you mean? Like in Summon portals?

Not sure you need an official definition, you have the stated odds to pull the stated heroes. What else do you need to know?

This on sea dragons atlantis or chests in events.
Or loot in gerenal across the board

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Yes at the summon gate.

It isn’t called, odds, probability, chance, etc, terms that have accepted definitions or interpretations.

And the use of the term “Rate” also distorts the interpretation.

So - yes an official definition from SG is what I was hoping to find.

Have a brouse at this.

This. Too

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Not complaining, nor do I want to see this thread go that way.

Just would like clarity on the definition.

I understand, and I think it’s a good question. We can bring our own bias and (rightly or wongly) believe we have the one and only correct answer. Or, we can get the correct answer from the original source.


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This at the tol

Sea dragons to few SG please increase

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Yes, this one would be a good example. What does Appearance Rate mean?

Read the start of that thread, There is summon odds how much money etc… That what you looking for…?

I follow the exercise in the table, though it still makes an assumption about the meaning of appearance rate .

Out of ideas, sorry could not help, I’ll tagged @Gryphonknight have any information that can help.

I’m still not clear on what you are after either. Do you want “appearance rates” to say “summoning odds” or “probability of summons”?

You want somebody from SG to say that is what it means? Why?

It’s pretty obvious I think - what am I missing?


Appearance Rate is the rate at which they appear, expressed as a percentage.

there is something a friend has explained to me and i’m trying now to tell about. he’s a dev, not on this app, not even a player.

the percentage of summons may apply two different ways:

to the pull actually made by single user in his own device
meaning that you, eg, have 5% of black, 95% of white on your single pull.

to the overall pulls
meaning over 100 pulls from every user, 5 are going to be black, 95 white. means you’re not pulling (allow me so) on your own device, but connected to central database.

honestly, had no idea about this. i just can understand that second option make you depend more on number of people pulling in the same moment you do.

the security system of this app makes my friend believe latter option is more likely to be. hope i’ve made it to the point!

The difference between those in a relentless RNG system is effectively zero. They even out long term. Short term is too noisy in either.

The only time which one is used is in a RNG with mercy. If your odds change the longer you go without getting X, then the game MUST track your particular odds rather than rely on pure RNG.

The devs have repeatedly said it’s pure RNG, and we have a good bit of data to back that up on numerous levels.

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Thanks everyone for the input.

I would say the “Appearance Rate” is intended to be used interchangeably with the “odds for each individual summon”, based on merchant (Apple,Google) loot-box requirements for developers to disclose odds to buyers, excerpted below.

@Dudeious.Maximus and @Gryphonknight I have read your content on other similar threads, and so thank you for finding this one.

My follow up questions are about verification/validation…

Have you seen any attempt by the user community to gather data to verify the Appearance Rates?

Have you heard of merchants following up with developers to enforce their rules for loot boxes?

Excerpt from Apple -
3.1.1 In-App Purchase:

  • Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.
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